Hey, Monday...

They say we should bloom where we are planted. That we should stop waiting for our life to be better or somehow different before we chase our dreams. Stop waiting to lose weight before we dance. Stop waiting to take a class before we write. Stop waiting to learn a new skill before we build. Stop waiting. Why are we so afraid to chase our own desires? Why are we hesitant to live what we love? 

Today, stop waiting for the conditions to be just right and take that first step. Bloom where you are planted with perennial force. Set up shop. Create some space. Take a leap. Do whatever it takes to simply begin. And remember that after you open yourself up, you will bloom in new and exciting ways year after year. You will learn the skills you need to continue. You will grow in unexpected ways. You may be even surprised by what you find. This is only the beginning. 

p.s. Along the way, remember to spread the seeds of adventure and growth to those around you so that they may bloom too. You have the joy and beauty within you to inspire others.