Here kitty, kitty, kitty...

Just checking in after a few days of  busy nights and little sleep.

I'm working up a sweat getting things squared away for the Etsy shop...I hit a few roadblocks with the necessary permits, but we are getting's just going to take me a bit longer than expected.

On another beau decided to get a kitten. A few months ago he was cat sitting my little CoCo for a week or two and after I took her home he said his house felt so empty. Well...that's because my cat is AWESOME! (says every cat lover) But, the little guy that he found may be a good competitor.

Meet Rocco.

Isn't he cute!?!?!?

This new addition to our little unit has kept us up nights with pouncing and meowing, but it's hard to stay mad at such a cute little button. He's got a lot of energy, talks a ton, and has a monstrous little purr when you get him going. We are smitten with the kitten.

Anywho...with all of this kitty love going around...I've got cat stuff on the brain. A quick search on etsy and I found some new faves for all of you cat lovers out there.

Take a peek!

 Love these sweet felt hearts full of catnip!
Wool Catnip Kitty Hearts by smilingfrogpets

So many mice! So many cute patterns and colors!
Wooly Mice by CattitudeCreations

Love the colors and the knit!
 Cute Kitty Catnip Balls by CherryWillow

 I can't get over the cute little ears!
Eco-friendly Mouse by ReFabulous

The name of this one is my fave! Such a great idea
for reusing sweaters and cute to boot!
Birds of a Sweater by threesassysisters

Such a distinguished portrait. These are custom!
Oscar Kitty portrait by HotDigitalDog

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