for the ladies...

February 13, 2011

who's hearts have been broken before. For the ladies that have picked themselves back up again. And for the guys who appreciate a girl with confidence, grace, and a powerful voice. Meet Adele.

Many of you have met her before and if you enjoyed her then, you will crave her now.

Today I can't get enough of Adele's new album "21", which is coming out in a little over a week. Preview it all the way through here at NPR and relish in her intense vocal abilities with me.

Or preview the video for her newest single "Rolling in the Deep" (featured on my New Beginnings January Playlist) below. en-joy!

Video Friday!

February 11, 2011

Hi Lovelies,

I just stumbled on this video from 2008, but it made me laugh a few times and I wanted to share it because overall...I think it's just wonderful! I'd like to know a guy like Matt.

My favorite part is the India dance and I love, love, love that it ends in Seattle!

Gotta love all the crazy dancing...

This shows how one person can inspire magical moments. Here's to the weekend a few magical moments of your own!


February 9, 2011

Ready To Garden Polaroid by abbytrysagain

Hi Darlings!

I just wanted to stop by and share today's love letter from The Universe. It made me smile and think about the amazing things that are possible with our minds, bodies, and souls...and gardens.


no one has ever grown a garden...

(dramatic pause)

...that you couldn't grow yourself.

And I'm not just talking about the leafy kinds.

Let's till,
The Universe

With all of the cultivating that is going on inside me lately for my PDP, I am extra excited to have another stress outlet to tend to. Just a few more months and I will be prepping my little p-patch for year number two! Unfortunately, I have one of these...

Brown Thumb by picklejuiceprints let's hope that I do it right this time and there's less "Poor little thing...she doesn't know what she's doing" thoughts around the garden. Last year was good, but I have big plans for that little plot of mine and it's time to get my hands dirty.  

 Let's grow amazing things together! And remember...

Bloom Where You Are Planted print from ParadaCreations

hitting the books

February 3, 2011

Hi Lovelies,

I just wanted to drop by and tell you that I have a midterm tomorrow and on Monday, so I may be MIA for the next few days. It's time to hit the books!

Here's some of my favorite book art from Etsy to give you some eye candy in the interim.

Perspective by My Camera Bag

The Book Collection by Lolas Room

This Bokeh Heart of Mine by Marianne LoMonaco

Right Where We Left Off by CocoShack

I READ by Parada Creations

Cameo Mustache Trio by ExLibrisJournals

The Reading Room by Marisolspoon

Little Sailor Print by thelittlefox

Books Print by theblackapple 

The Reader by Honeyraisin

Vintage Book Love by Marianne LoMonaco 

Learning Curve

February 1, 2011

"A Beautiful Thing" print by lisabarbero on Etsy I know that today is supposed to be an Etsy post, and I have some really great stuff to share, but I really needed to interrupt our regular programming to share a revelation.

I had a really hard Monday.

I know, I know. Monday's are hard. That's why they call it a "Case of the Mondays". But believe me, today (Monday, the day I'm writing this) would have been disastrous for me had it not have been for some recent self-awareness knowledge I have gained.

I messed up today. Yes, I made a mistake. But not just one. Not just two. Three! All pretty big and all in one day! Believe me when I tell you...that never happens. I'm not perfect, but it's days like these that remind me that we are all human. Humans make mistakes and that's part of why we are so amazing.

So I fessed up to my boss and told him plainly that today wasn't one of my proudest performances. He only knew of one mistake at that point, so I explained the others...which I'm not going to go into here because it would be a lot to explain...and I made sure to take 100% of the responsibility. He didn't really mind any of the mistakes, but he appreciated that I acknowledged them. We laughed and moved on.  The truth was that I was being harder on myself than anyone else was. I had failed only my own expectations. Now, I'm not saying that it's okay to slack off on our own expectations, but we do have to cut ourselves some sometimes. (Some slack that is.) I definitely need to go gently with myself and understand that mistakes are inevitable. I have done very well escaping them so far, and THAT I can celebrate. (Though I'm still amazed that they all came in one day!)

The truth is that mistakes are necessary. We have to make them, or we are bound not to make much of anything in life. Mistakes are what make new possibilities. Mistakes are messy, but offer up a clean slate. Today, I screwed up, but I ended up in a better position than I was before. Why? Because I learned how not to be so hard on myself by watching the reactions of others. After I had realized my third mistake I felt defeated. I went into the hall and sat in a chair looking bummed out and texting a friend who I knew could offer a better outlook on the situation. It derailed me for a bit. But after watching it roll off of other's shoulders, I felt fine. I still wished I hadn't made the mistakes, but I didn't dwell on it any longer. I had landed safely on the other side of the perfectionist wall.

Here's where I might start making a little bit less sense. On the other side of that wall I found myself looking into a mirror. In that mirror I saw how hard I was on myself and how hard I am on others. I have expectations for myself that I impose on everyone else. I always knew this, but I never knew how in the world I would break it. Today, I found out.

Mess up.

Mess up bad.

At least to a survivable level. Something that only breaks your own expectations of yourself. Then, take a look at it and how unserious it really is. You. Are. Human. To recognize that we all make mistakes allows us to be more forgiving with others that may need a little more help sometimes. To be more understanding when we approach someone about a mistake and then offer guidance. I always wanted to make a change like this, but didn't know where to find the reset button. I felt that I would still get the same reaction from others whose defenses were up against my "miss perfectionist" exterior. Today's events gave me the chance to show that I am not perfect. I am not always at my own preferred level of excellence. Sometimes I make huge mistakes.

Today I made three and learned that sometimes making just one mistake can open the door for correcting more than one problem. It is here where we are at a point of vulnerability, where we are unsure of ourselves and what happened. It is here that you can find a place to start over, to adjust something that you have been meaning to tweak, but haven't yet known how to approach. A low point from which to build up.

So, go on...mess up if you want to...but bring grace, humility, and honesty to help you clean up. It's possible you will find clarity, empowerment, and growth waiting for you on the other side.