weekend check-in

July 30, 2011

Spent a lovely day at the fair with my boyfriend, his uncle and aunt. It was an afternoon full of yummy food eating, cotton candy savoring, ferris wheel riding, carnival prize winning, and good time having.

Hope your weekend has been as carefree and festive!





My favorite part!

Look what my beau won for me! 

video friday!

July 29, 2011

Hi All!

Staring at my computer today I remembered a video I found about a few years ago of a girl with an amazing voice singing to her webcam. I wondered if she now had a CD that I could buy and share her sound with you on my next playlist? So, I logged into YouTube and searched through my "likes" list for her.

There she is!

I clicked on the link and found an advertisement for her debut CD. Hooray!

Turns out...she just released a CD in May 2011 and she's already topping the charts with a few songs that I hear on the radio regularly.

I give to you...the super talented Christina Perry...pre-album and oh so cute with her acoustic guitar.

monthly music

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Here's some new tunes to kick off your weekend...en-joy!

Joyful July 2011 Playlist
Cover art image featuring "Fluffy Cloud Swings" by eleven12designs
MoneyGrabber - Fitz & The Tantrums
Paris (Ooh La La) - Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
So Low - Seapony
Kiss With a Fist - Florence + The Machine
Helena Beat - Foster the People
Listen Up! - Gossip
Lament - Mount Moriah
Walk to the Park - Amy Seeley
Learning Curve - Sleeping At Last


August Break - jump started

July 28, 2011

Yesterday I signed myself up for the 2011 August Break project...

Btw...you totally should too! Camera phones, fancy digitals, holgas, impossible polaroid, pin hole, etc. are all welcome! Just point, shoot, scan if necessary, and share online! Easy peasy.

When I logged into the Flickr Group I noticed that some of the August Breakers have already started posting! So...here are my favorite jump start photos so far. Just click on the photo below and it will take you to my Jump Start Faves gallery on Flickr.

Photo courtesy of dorothy101, fellow August Breaker
Now...where did I put my camera?

The August Break 2011

July 27, 2011

It's back, Baby!

The August Break is back!

I had a lot of fun participating in August Break 2010. Granted I didn't have time to see my world through the camera lense every day while taking summer classes last year, but this year...this year!...I am not taking summer classes and I have lots of time to spare.

I'm so excited! Maybe I will even put together a few anatomy of a photo posts to show how I get from the raw image to the lovely posted images you'll see here on the blog? We shall see. Oh, yes. We shall see. *tapping finger tips together*

Do you have a camera and want to join in the fun? Or just want see the world of others through the lense? You should totally check it out!

I will share some of my favorites here, but do consider joining me on this great adventure. It would be so lovely to have you come along. Simply sign up for the Flickr Group and visit the August Break 2012 page to get all the deetz.

See you soon friends!

without further ado.

July 26, 2011

Hello, Friend.

I refuse to open this post with another tired excuse about why I haven't been here in days, weeks, or months, so we'll just jump right into it. Sound good?

Tuesday is "Crushin' on Etsy" day!

So...without further ado (thank you to Grammar Girl for helping me to accurately use this idiom)...here are my favorite recent Etsy shop finds...

Bursting with Brilliance Notebook from katieblairdesigns
Market Stroll Collection wood art by Dolangeiman

Handmade Clay Owls by claylicious

Geometric tote by hummingbirdfactory
Concentric Pears print by Priss Designs

Black Diamond Crystal Necklace by Jewelry Deli

Treasure Bubble Wish Pins by propellers

I hope to be back tomorrow with a Textbook Revelations post, but since I'm not currently in school (Woo Hoo for my Summer break!) it may just hold a few of my personal musings of late. AND!...In a few days I will have the newest monthly playlist ready to tickle your ears!

Until then...


perused - July 2011

July 12, 2011


Hi. My name is Mara and I am addicted to thrift shopping.


It's like this crazy treasure hunting drug that I can't seem to kick. Every time I'm bored, or driving in the area of a Goodwill, I think "oh...I'll just stop in for a second and see what they have" and then 2 or 3 hours goes by and I leave with a pile of loot. Rarely have I gone into a thrift store and come out empty handed. Typically that only happens when I go in looking for something specific. Lately, that has not been the case and I'm starting to get concerned for my health. Well, not really, but...you know. Even if I was there the day before, I know that so much will change by the next day...sometimes even the next hour...and I'll want to go hunting for things I didn't see or things that were just shelved.

So...I've decided that someday I will turn this passion into a business, but until then, I plan to share with you my little thrifted treasures. Mostly the ones that make me proud or the ones that were craftificently and morphmagically transformed into something else.

Ok...here we go...

A great navajo-like runner for my kitchen table.

A cute vintagey purse!

A chicken candy dish like my friend's mom had when I was a kid
and a cute mini wooden clipboard for my grocery or to-do list.

A much needed mug hanging device that my
lovely boyfriend spray painted teal for me!

And my absolute fave!...A manatee to hang on my picture wall. Isn't he cute!?!?

Monthly Music Catchup

July 11, 2011

Today I'm going to make up for a few months of missing playlists. I had a hard time staying on track with my monthly music when I was spending so much time between work and school. Any moments at my lovely apartment were spent doing homework or sleeping and it didn't leave much time for feeling my way through the week with new music. So...here are a few playlists that I did manage to make, but didn't get a chance to post. I've linked them to iTunes Ping so you can taste the songs and decide if you would like seconds. I'll be back tomorrow with my very first perused post about my recent thrifting treasures!

Brave Heart by angvalley on Etsy

Let It Go - The Liberators
Muscle 'n Flo - Menomena
Restoration - The Acorn
Lost In My Mind - The Head and the Heart
I've Got This Friend - The Civil Wars
Blues Run the Game - Laura Marling
Young Bride - Midlake
Sun of a Gun - Oh Land
Great Lakes - Telekinesis
Tree By the River - Iron & Wine
Quiet Hearts - Amy Stroup
I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li

Fearlessness by brightnote on Etsy

Coeur d'Alene - The Head and the Heart
Second Life - The Real Efforts of Real People
Back In Town - Wiretree
All of This In Writing - The Burns Unit
Talking In Code - Margot & The Nuclear So and So's
No Reason to Pretend - Aaron Sprinkle
Sweet Louise - The Belle Brigade
Lately - The Hello Sequence
World Without End - A.A. Bondy
Killed Myself When I Was Young - A.A. Bondy
The Longer I Run - Peter Bradley Adams