Project Downsize - Update 1

October 19, 2016

Update #1: 

I've made some pretty good progress on clearing out the clutter, but there is still a long way to go. I have a few stacks of miscellaneous items that keep moving between rooms and piles. I have unearthed about 6 empty notebooks, 5 unused journals, and books I forgot I owned and haven't yet read. We've taken about 3 trips to goodwill, made a stack of things to sell, and you can finally see the floor in the guest bedroom! With every load donated and box broken down I feel lighter on my feet and stand up straighter. 

Here's what has been finished so far...

  • 2 boxes of clothes donated which freed up 2 of 4 Rubbermaid bins full of off-season, unused and ill fitting clothes.
  • 1 box of shoes donated and a few gently used pairs ready to sell. 
  • Organized all craft supplies by project type. I even have room left in the closet for more!
  • 1 large bag of books ready to sell. The rest will be read and then donated. I won't NEED to visit a bookstore for a VERY long time...but I still might go to peruse the shelves. :)
  • Kitchen and laundry room cabinets organized and unused items donated. We now have a pantry for bulk goods!
  • Organize laundry room storage cabinets
  • Go through pantry, toss expired items and donate non-perishable goods
  • Organize the hall closet
So far I have found that I most likely have anything tool, type of paper or craft supply that I will ever need...or at least something to make what I need. Items that I have been hanging on to for sentimental value are not so sentimental I must have filled the void those items once held. Many of the keepsakes and artwork I have been drawn to over the years are consistent with my style today. And it feels really good to get rid of clothes that no longer fit and remind you of what you once looked like or felt like. It feels much better to embrace who I am and the style I have today. 

I'm looking forward to an organized home and maybe making a little extra money from the items marked for sale. I hope that all of the items donated find a good home as someone else's treasure. They were loved while they were here and are now free to bring joy elsewhere. 

Now, on to the next task! 

    Hey, Monday...

    October 17, 2016

    Cozy up with a cup of coffee and take a moment to notice the fall colors and layers of texture circling around you. There is inspiration here. There is energy to be harnessed and transformed into something special to carry you through the darker days of winter. Use it to fuel the warm flame glowing within your soul. Picture it growing brighter and flowing out of your fingertips and onto the canvas.

    Today I will let inspiration flow and get carried away with creativity. I will surrender to the light within and paint with bright flourescent love. I will find ways to capture my art and carry it with me long after all of the leaves have turned.

    Project Downsize - 2016 Fall Edition

    October 4, 2016

    Who says decluttering and deep cleaning is only for the Spring? As Fall sets in, I am craving cozy nights at home, and spending more time indoors means living up close and personal with the clutter that has accumulated over the last year...not to mention all of the extra clothes, books, crafting supplies, and knick knacks moved over from my previous apartment. There are boxes that have yet to be unpacked, items stored away after the move that haven't been looked at again since, and an obscene amount of clothing that is rarely if ever worn. It's time to get down right brutal and cut the fat.

    So...this October, I am challenging myself to purge it all in my own Project Downsize. I started a few years ago in my tiny apartment just to make some room for me to live there as well. This time, it's not just about getting rid of clutter. It is about creating a home that reflects the lifestyle that we want to live going forward into 2017. It's about freeing up space for creativity and comfort to flow. It's about being happy and fulfilled humans in our humble abode.

    Here's what is on the project list so far...

    • Go through ALL clothes and donate anything that doesn't fit or hasn't been worn in a year. 
    • Go through ALL accessories and sell/donate everything that is no longer worn.
    • Go through shoes and donate any that haven't been worn in a year. 
    • Sell or donate all appliances that are no longer used or had/need an upgrade
    • Go through all boxes in the attic and repack anything to be kept in labeled totes. 
    • Clear out the guest bedroom. Paint and redecorate with only items that bring calm & joy
    • Clear out the guest bedroom closet and use only 1/2 of the closet for seasonal clothing, keepsakes, and gift wrapping supplies. The rest should be open for guest use. 
    • Clean out the bathroom vanity and toss any old or empty products. 
    • Clear out the office closet and only put back in crafting items I will use. Donate the rest. 
    • Organize the office and make space for creative projects and yoga/meditation. 
    • Go through the boxes of books and organize into Read/Donate/Sell.
    • Organize computer files and delete anything no longer needed. 
    • Scan important documents into electronic format and store in a secure location
    • Clean out personal email inbox and unsubscribe from newsletters 
    • Decorate the bedroom. Add new sheets. Organize, update nightstands. Organize dresser.
    • Build a bookcase/door for the entry closet and decorate. 
    • When everything above is done...have the professionals come and clean! 

    I've gotten a headstart on a few things over the last few weeks.

    • Organize laundry room, including storage cabinets
    • Go through pantry, toss expired items, and donate any non-perishable goods. 
    • Organize the hall linen closet. 

    As you can see I have ALOT to do! With 16 items and only 4 weeks, I better get busy and see how far I get during October. I'll be using my bullet journal to track progress and plan on sharing before/afters & lessons learned here along the way. 

    It's going to feel SO good when this is done and our house is organized and clean! All the physical baggage will be gone and  I will be ready for anything!  If you would like to join me with your own organization or decluttering project, use #projectdownsize2016 to tag your posts on social media. 

    I feel lighter already! 

    Hey, Monday...

    October 3, 2016

    It's time to make room for the next big thing. Over the last several months you have let go of beliefs and mentalities that no longer serve you. You are being true to you. Now it is time to ask yourself what you really want your life to look like? What, if anything, and who do you want to take with you journey? Paint the picture and manifest that reality for yourself. Create a life you love.


    Today, I will take the challenge and set up my current space (physical and mental) to make room for a divinely designed life. I will open myself up to the ideas and plans which are meant to move me forward and aligned with the lifestyle I desire.