following through

June 27, 2012

Stay Positive by johnwgolden
Back in January while resolutions were flooding the blogosphere I made a promise to myself. I set out a plan for the coming year and I chose one word, one wish, and one wonder that I wanted to focus on in 2012. Now that we are approaching the first days of July (half way through the year!?!?) I thought it would be good time for a quick review. Where have I been, how have I been doing, and where am I headed from here? Have I been practicing more positivity (my word), do I follow through more (my wish), and what will be the outcome (my wonder)?

So often I get so busy that I forget to check in with myself and have that moment of brutal honesty to set me back on track. (I think this is pretty common among the everyday busy-busies...) In the past, this honesty leaned toward a negative tone and now I am finding it is a little more positive. I cut myself some slack (as we all should) and remind myself that I am human. I have my own habits. I have my own quirks. I would say overall that is an improvement. Beyond that, I am trying harder not to complain at the office (Let's say 80/20 on that one) and search for the positive spin on "problems". Funny that the 20% of that equation is getting a "bad cop" reputation, but I remind myself that in every effective duo (affective? oh, dear me...) there's a good cop AND a bad cop. Maybe that is a good thing? Hey...what can I say...I play by the rules and like it when others do too.

When it comes to the wish I have a little more work to do. Following through is not my strong suit, but if you've ever stopped by you already knew that. Here is where I have started digging around. What is the root of this? Instead of getting angry because projects are unfinished, posts are lacking on JL, and my house is constantly in a state of mess, I have been searching around for triggers. So far, my explanation is INSPIRATION. Lack of it...or too much of it. With a lack of inspiration I veer away from my corner of the blogosphere (it's quality not quantity, right?) and with too much inspiration I pile on the projects and find myself with a case of BADD. (Refresher: BADD = Busy + A.D.D) In that case, nothing gets finished because there's...just...too...much. that I know a little bit more about myself...the plan must evolve. But with the importance of not overwhelming myself (I swear I need a BADD meter with a clown horn alarm) I will take baby steps.

First, every morning I will make my bed. Why? Because evidence/reviews ( the link and read on!) suggest that making your bed every morning is boosts productivity, strengthens budgeting skills, and boosts happiness. Well, sign me up for all of that positive goodness!

Second, I will start reading Charles Duhigg's book The Power of Habit (I recommend the video!). Duhigg says "studies have shown that if you can diagnose your habits you can change them in whichever way you want." It sounds like I have already begun diagnosing, but I am interested in finding out more. The rule of 19 times breaks a habit rings through my head any time I desire to change my behavior, but honestly...honestly...I never make it to 19 times, so I have no idea if it is really true.

And there you have two baby steps. The second will guide me from there, and maybe, just maybe, I will have enough inspiration to jam pack this blog with quality posts.

Until then...stay positive...and make your bed.

Make Your Bed by johnwgolden

video friday

June 22, 2012

Happy Friday!

Just a few lovely music videos to start off the weekend. Apparently these lovely lady artists are catching my eye today. See you next week!

summer solstice

June 20, 2012

Happy Solstice!

Here's to finding new ways to enjoy the many hours of the day.
Source: via Joyful on Pinterest
Source: here

Source: here

multiple identities

June 19, 2012

Over time...
So many things.

Flight Attendant
Rock Star
Personal Banker
Graphic Designer
Property Manager
Life Coach
Fashion Designer
Business Owner

At some point I realized that I could be more than one thing at a time. That improving each piece so they blend together seamlessly was in fact possible. I'm still working on a few of them, but remind myself to embrace self exploration and personal development as processes which thrive in the state of being unfinished. 

Remember who you wanted to be.

It's never too late to be a ballerina/baker/artist/farmer. 

bundles of joy

June 15, 2012

Many of you may already know...I spend a lot of time on the internet. Generally I am just looking around for new inspirations, checking FB/Pinterest/Bloglovin posts, and listening to music. In my cyber travels, I find lots of little bundles of joy. Many of them are pinned/posted/bookmarked, simply archived for later and others emailed to family or friends who I know will enjoy them. Often, these little bundles are found in lists (what are often called "roundups") on other blogs. So today...I would like to start my own.

This week's bundles:

1. Mahogony Sessions - Music is one of my great loves. Here you can see acoustic recordings of many of my favorite bands (much like the Black Cab Sessions) and find new ones of your own.

2. - Need 2 or 10 minutes to relax? Log on to, pick a calming scene, set the time, turn the music & guidance on or off, and get to the relaxing. I found it really peaceful and a great way to help me slow it down.

3. - Ladies...Do you love classic clothes? Do you hate how short dresses are lately? Do you love certain styles, but want to cover up trouble areas or customize them to your figure? This website may be the answer.  I stumbled upon this and immediately ordered a few dresses - customized to knee length - and cute tops. They even let me add straps to one of the strapless dresses! I am eagerly awaiting them in hopes that they fit well. If so, I know there will many more Eshakti frocks to come.

4. The Goldielocks Paradox - I suffer from this everyday. Just when I think I've got it all we go again!

5. This What If? post by Jen at My Smiling Heart. It really made me stop and think for a bit, to wonder along with her, and get excited about my own moments/revelations to come. Ah, Summer...let's slow it down and daydream for a bit, shall we?

6. And it wouldn't be Video Friday without a video. This week I am loving this series of videos. What would be your answer?

Fifty People, One Question: New York from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.

Well that's it for now, lovely readers. I will see you all soon. Until then...have a joyful weekend and seek out a few bundles of your own. The world is your oyster.

Summer Manifesto

June 7, 2012

Can you feel it? Summer is coming.

I can hardly wait for campfires under the stars, barbecues and picnics, hiking trips and people watching, bike rides and s'mores. Bring on the horseshoes, sand in my toes, sunshine through the trees, sandals and skirts, and homemade popsicles. I'm ready to experiment, to wander, to slow it down.

Over the past few days, summer manifestos started popping up around the blogosphere. I run across a few of them every year, (here's an inspiring favorite from Scout circa 2009) but have yet to write one of my own. This year, with my recent acknowledgement that I need to relax, I thought it would be a good idea to give myself some activities to focus on. This is my summer manifesto. A simple list of my desires for this summer.

What's yours?

monthly music

June 6, 2012

Here's the hits of the month all wrapped up in one convenient playlist. Listen directly from the player embedded below or head to my 8tracks page to stream this playlist and more. As I was uploading these to 8tracks, I noticed that the theme seems to go from peppy and upbeat to moody and deep. By no means was this intentional, it's just how the music flowed for me this month.

Highlighted lyrics/moments include "and baby the birds knew", "and I let my stories be whispered when I am gone", "there's no reasons, no excuses, there's no second hand alibis, just some black ink on some blue lines" and "oh, how pretty is the middle of June." There's something about those bits and pieces ~ maybe the vocals or the meaning ~ that make me smile.

Something new to this month's lineup...if there is an artist made video available for the song or a great live version, you can now link to it by clicking on the song title in the playlist.

Talk to you soon! Until then, listen well and dance often.

background for cover image sampled from the Spring Flower photograph by EyePoetryPhotography

Rejuvenation June 2012
1. Everything's Okay ~ Lenka
2. Fresh Feeling ~ Eels
3. Dirt ~ Sayde Price
4. Sweeter ~ Jess Penner
5. As It Seems ~ Lily Kershaw
6. July & June ~ Jillian Edwards
7. 20 Years ~ The Civil Wars
8. No One's Aware ~ Jack Savoretti
9. Middle of June ~ Noah Gundersen
10. Come Away to the Water ~ Maroon 5
11. Come Undone ~ Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan