52 weeks of focus

January 8, 2014

This is my word. My intention for 2014.

To focus on the present. To focus on who I am. Focus on learning and growing. Focus on finding my passions. Focus on the task at hand. 

This year I will learn to pay closer attention to how I am spending my time and adjusting to the world around me without losing sight of my goals. I desire to make things happen. 

Here is the game plan for 2014...
- Cancel my cable and spend less time in front of the television (absolute time suck!)
- Set up and organize my studio for creative focus
- Take web design and photography courses
- Make weekly and monthly goals to keep moving in the right direction
- Eat healthy and exercise (because that's the doctor's orders for the focus-challenged)

In addition to the practices above, I've started a 52 week project focusing on my unique interests. There are so many things I want to learn or try that I often find myself overwhelmed by The List. So this year, I wrote down 52 things I would like to learn about or do this year, put each on a slip of paper and dropped them in a jar. Each week I will pull out a slip and spend some time working on that project. This week...learn ways to light a photo. In particular, I would like to learn more about properly lighting my product photos for the joyfullifeshop. Tips, tricks, you name it...I want to find it, absorb it and use it. As I go, I hope to share only the best parts of what I learn from each project with you here. 

So...I'm off to learn a little about photography lighting from the novices, masters, and DIYers. If you know of any great resources, or have tips of your own, I would love to check them out. Just leave a link in the comments so readers can check them out too.

Until next time! Keep on working towards your best self. 

Welcome to 2014...the year that answers

January 3, 2014

(I just love the endless possibilities evoked with this quote!)

How did you like my "hey, monday" post on a Thursday yesterday? Shame that I "accidentally" hit the publish button on a post that was meant for next week! Or...maybe...I didn't realize it wasn't Monday until half way through the morning...but oh well it felt like a Monday for most of us. The first real day back to the grind.

So it's 2014. I have to admit I was nowhere near ready for the new year. Typically I spend some time the week or two before reviewing the year that just passed, planning for the year to come, and picking my one word to guide me through. This year it all snuck up on me. All of a sudden it was New Year's Eve and I had no clue how to end one wild year and start the next.  So, I spent most of day one listening to what I was craving more of and figuring out how to make that happen. (Thank you new moon!) But I'll tell you more about all of those plans next week.

Until then, I wanted to encourage you...if you have not done this already...to come up with a word of your own. Or maybe just set an intention for the new year. How do you want to feel when the year is over?

Still not sure? Here are some links to help inspire you.

There is so much inspiration out there, but the truth and direction can only come from within. Take a moment to be still, have some lavender & chamomile tea, listen to the whispers and lean in to whatever may be calling you. Trust what feels right. 

And don't worry if you don't spend 100% of your time trying to manifest your chosen "feeling" this year. Just remember to use it as a guide when asking yourself what you want to do with that spare hour, or what you are going to have for lunch, or whether you want to watch a comedy or a drama tonight, or what you want to wear today. Try your best, but even the smallest details can make a big difference. 

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014. 

hey, monday...

January 2, 2014

Focus on step one. The first page of a brilliant story. The first day you let go of the past and lean in to the future. Express gratitude for where you have been, where you are today, and for every small triumph as you move closer to your dreams. You can do this. There is nothing in your way that cannot be overcome. Your path may be longer, slower, or more treacherous than others, but it is yours to complete. To master. Focus today on step one. 
Today, do one thing that moves you in the right direction. This week, make a plan for keeping the momentum going. And this year, my hope for you is that you find your passion, realize your goals, and embrace your power to effect change. Be brave and make this year a year to remember.