shifting into fall

August 27, 2013

Camping in the rain. Despite all the green, Fall is on its way. 

Do you ever feel like you have big plans, but the Universe just isn't cooperating?

Or maybe something you are creating - with a clear vision in your mind - is not turning out picture perfect?

I've felt that way lately. A little stagnant. A little frustrated. A little bit on repeat.

A camping trip over the weekend was met with rain. My new creations for Etsy are not turning out as I had hoped. A quick look around my apartment last night revealed that after all of the recent organizing and changes, it still feels messy and cluttered.

I think perhaps I have taken on too much during these Summer months meant for slow nights and easy fun.

But the past few days I have felt myself being slowly pulled (or guided) out of this funk. I can feel my mood changing and my attitude shifting. Something is on the horizon. The rain became a humorous addition to our trip. My new designs now have a guideline for supply purchases and what NOT to do. And my apartment will get a little face lift with a new rug, new duvet, and new storage solutions. Thank goodness for the feeling of renewal as the seasons change. Fall is my favorite time of year.

So, as summer is winding down and work is about to get hectic...I've decided to start setting monthly goals instead of weekly. I'll still post a linkup tool once a month and link back to it when I muse about my weekly intentions towards that end result. The reality is, I would like to remove the "schedule" aspect and be able to move freely throughout the month as inspiration strikes. No more waiting until Tuesday each week to discuss my goals or feeling chained down to Tuesday if I'm being lazy about them.

Here is an example...say my goal for the month is to feel more vibrant, I would try to plan something each week to help move in that direction. A facial? A dance class? A new dress? Then note it here and there in my blog posts for those of you reading a long. Much more organic. Much more free and easy.

I don't know about you, but I am excited for Fall. I'll see you back here at the start of September with a new set of monthly goals and a link up tool if you are interested in joining.

Until then, have a wonderful week and enjoy the final days of the August break.

Savoring the last days of summer

August 20, 2013

Savoring the last days of summer color, but giddy for fall. 

I can hardly believe we are more than half way through August. Fall is rushing this way and I'm mixed with both excitement (fall is my favorite time of year) and an unexpected hurriedness to savor every last moment of summer. I feel rushed. Under pressure. My mind is saying "pack it all in!" while my heart is saying slow down. It begs the question, how do I stay in the moment when I desire to do so much?

As the month winds down, and my desired feeling morphs from "just be" to "just do", I think it's time to revisit this year's Summer Manifesto.

The list of everything I wanted to do/try/be/enjoy this summer. Looking back at that post, it's almost as if I had a premonition about this TV hiatus thing. Checking things off the list, there are a few failed attempts (lychee cocktails and container gardening) and a few grand successes (3 picnics at the park and 2 road trips). I think I will dedicate the next few weeks to savoring a little more summer.

Here are this week's goals: 
1. Literary Love. (For me: Finish the book I'm currently reading & at least 1/2 of another.)
2. Go Outside. (For me: walk my neighborhood, jog twice this week, have a picnic, go camping.)
3. Dream. (For me: While tackling goal #2, allow time to be still and listen to my surroundings.)

How are your plans laid out for the last days of summer? Are you savoring your favorite moments and making new memories? I'd love to hear more! Share a comment below, or link up to a new or recent post about your summer soirees and weekend adventures.  

Until next time, keep on soaking up the sun and wear bright colors. 

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hey, monday...

August 19, 2013

Get creative. Sit yourself down with all that inspires you and start putting pieces together. Begin to paint your masterpiece. String together beautiful jewels. Stitch that stunning bag. Take the magical story swirling around in your mind and put it down on paper. Whatever your form of creativity may be...paint, wood, fabric, or the written word...create a little something this week just for you. The goal? Feed your creativity. Inspire yourself. Push it to the next level. Then, if you choose, share it with an interested someone so they may be inspired too.

This week, between check boxes on "The List", I will continue to piece together royal treasures. I will push myself to work on new forms of branding and packaging. I will get ready, set, go. I should have everything I need and absolutely no excuses. I just need to put in time and spirit to make the creative equation work and this week I have both. Overflowing. Excited. Ready.

weekend adventures and a handful of inspiration

August 16, 2013

A picture perfect antique shop in downtown Coupeville.

Last weekend my boyfriend and I took a little road trip across Whidbey Island. Here in the Northwest, any one of the San Juan Islands will give you an instant adventure, but the towns on Whidbey Island are some of my personal favorites. We wandered the artsy streets of Langley, took the scenic route...which is pretty much the whole island...between Freeland and Greenbank along the coastal roads, dined on fresh mussels and drank cocktails in Coupeville ("I'll have a Mango Sexy, please!") after perusing hundreds of art festival booths, and made a quick stop to take in the view at Deception Pass. It was a beautiful day and a much needed adventure.

Have you had any big (or small) adventures lately? Any big plans for the weekend? Any moments/books/places inspiring you lately?

If not, maybe you will find some inspiration in my "links for the weekend" list below.

- The crafty types go running. (Now that I am jogging again...C25K is my next big step.)
- An exciting read for those who love to plan, plan, plan, but want to feel more productive & present.
-The Light of Human Kindness will burning bright in Richmond this fall. Do you have a story to share?
- I'm dreaming of finding places like this. Where you fall in love with Mother Nature all over again.
- "What if you look stupid?" is my SGH. What's yours? Let's overcome them, shall we?
- I'm still working on my morning routine, and so re-inspired by this post. Might join the challenge too!
- Introverts take back your power."The world needs you and it needs the things you carry."
- Adding this treasure trove to my quirky US road trip list.
- I think I need to whip up a few of these summer drinks before the month is over.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Choose your own adventure.

The rain begins with a single drop.

August 14, 2013

Deception Pass.

This evening, it rained in Seattle.

Believe me when I tell you that these days, this is shocking!

After a long day at work (sunny all the while) and a much needed evening out with family, I drove through the downtown streets, window down, and just listened. Listened to the sound of the wet pavement under my tires. The gentle click and hum of the windshield wipers. The rhythmic tapping of raindrops on the roof of my car.

We needed the rain.

I needed the rain.

The rain is my reset button. The rinse cycle. The first dive into cool water.

I needed the rain.

A fresh start. Another day.

Tomorrow we make our mark on the earth all over again. Until the next time comes.

Until the next time we need a first step.

Until the next time we need the rain.


"The rain begins with a single drop." ~ Manal al-Sharif 

moves in the right direction

Beautiful friends, I am sorry to say, my weekly goals post will be much shorter and sweeter this week. The last few work days have gone late into the hours and I completely flaked yesterday's post. Eeek! I would like to take a moment to get caught up and open the link tool for anyone who is looking to share a post.

To recap from last week, the overall goal for August is to create ME time and really connect with activities that bring me joy, renew my spirit, or cultivate wellness. I've been stealing ME time here and there at the office and spoiling myself with my favorite healthy treats (sea salt dark chocolate, KeVita probiotic drinks, and Indigo Morning Kashi with fresh blueberries). I went running jogging again last week, but slight knee pain kept me from pushing it to 1 mile. I'm going to keep going and work my way up to that in a few weeks, since I've never been a long distance runner.

Here are this week's goals: 
1. Love Numero Uno. (For me: Set aside time daily to pamper myself, take a walk, have a cookie.)
2. Be Active. (For me: Use my Nike+ to train for a 5k.)
3. Create Sacred Space. (For me: Clean/Reorganize/Decorate my bathroom. A mini-makeover.)

How's your august break coming along? Splendidly I hope! Keep on aligning your movements with what is most important to you. Ask yourself daily if you are walking the walk or if you are stuck in talking the talk. Are you pushing yourself to take the next step? Are you savoring your favorite moments and new adventures? Are you reorganizing your approach to a goal? I'd love to hear more about the latest in your life. Share a comment below, or link up to a new or recent post...I'd love to pop over for a quick chat.

Until then, keep on moving in the right direction.

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monthly music

August 8, 2013

It's time to scout out the next big adventure. Something new for today, tomorrow, next week, or this month. Maybe it is something you have always dreamed of doing? Maybe it is a road trip or a long bike ride to a new place? Maybe it is a milestone that is already in the works? Take a moment to address any lingering fears, or perhaps play with an idea to make the leap even bigger! After all, it is all an adventure. Don't hold back. 

Adventuresome August 2013
1. Penny - Hanni El Khatib
2. Atlas - Sydney Wayser
3. It All Feels Right - Washed Out
4. Tribe - Piers Faccini
5. Narcissus Is Back - Christine and the Queens
6. Two Fingers - Jake Bugg
7. Don't Move - Phantogram
8. Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men
9. Sleep Tonight - Stars
10. This Light - Rose Cousins

coffee with a dear friend

August 7, 2013

Day 4: Dreamy Morning photo for August Break 2013
If we were sitting together having coffee, I would tell you about my weekend. How I spent a long summer day picnicking under the shade of a tree older than me. Dining on savory delights, sipping on a cherry mint dream and devouring words off the page. We would day dream together of another day like that spent, but infused with magic and inspiration floating on the breeze. 

Day 3: Beginning of a Warrior photo for August Break 2013. 
If we were sitting  together having coffee, I would tell you excitedly about milestones marked, goal setting for personal bests and the pain of tender muscles. (Muttered up and down the stairs all weekend "Ow! Ow! Ow!") How I laced up a pair of girlish wonders and overcame an obstacle that has been haunting me for far too long. We would plan our attack and become warriors together. Taking on the world one step at a time. Instilling fear in the "soles" of our shoes. 

Day 2: Beauty to Create With photo for August Break 2013
If we were sitting  together having coffee, I would tell you about my next big project. How starving myself of television is leading to massive amounts of productivity. (She screams "I mean, who would have thought!?!?") How quickly I'm moving through my list of To Do's, How To's and Want To's. Settling in to a balanced life is treating me well, Dear One, and oh how I wish the same for you. We would pause to feverishly jot down notes about how to make that idea bloom and grow. 

Day 5: Close Up of Creativity photo for August Break 2013
If we were sitting together having coffee, I would ask you how your weekend was, if you found your own inspiration in a slate wiped clean or the pages of a book? I would ask you what pieces of your life you would string together to make the most perfect jewel to wear? A little bit of this and that to make you feel like your authentic self daily. All you would have to do is put it on and wear it with grace and pride. 

There's so much gratitude and inspiration in every cup shared with a dear friend. It's a shame we can't make more time for those moments. When our laughter is the fuel for another soul, our hearts are wide complete surrender to our authenticity, and when our cup is refilled and overflowing. 

a week of mad love...and jogging

August 6, 2013

A much needed outdoor afternoon break...just me, my book, the ocean air, and a couple cookies. 

I'm starting to get in the groove of August. 

With the TV shut off and tunes turned on, the walls of my "uninspiration" are coming down a brick at a time. (Pretty soon I think I'll be able to topple that sucker over in one big push!) Photography is starting to flow easy again thanks to that little thing called August Break. And all of a sudden I have words. WORDS! You know, the things you put into sentences and then send out into the blogosphere? (Ok...maybe not that last part for everyone) And I sincerely hope the word-smithing lasts a while, but for now I'm excited that there seems to be a teeny tiny crack in the floodgates. 


With habit kicking in full effect, a 5 mile walk/jog...which included a 1/2 mile the books, and a tidied up studio (this post brought to you live from that sacred space!), not to mention all of this creative energy building, I thought it would be a good time to set a few weekly goals. 

In fact, I think it's time to embrace a new truth...

This WHOLE month is all about getting a little ME time.

Here are this week's goals: 
1. Love Numero Uno. (For me: Set aside time daily to pamper myself, take a walk, have a cookie.)
2. Be Active. (For me: jog for one mile. 1/2 a mile down...and I time I'll go for 1.)
3. Create Sacred Space. (For me: Reorganize the hall closet. Donate old items. Make room for new.)

How is August treating you? Do you feel change in the air? Are you spending some time falling madly, deeply in love with YOU? I hope so. It can be something as simple as smiling at yourself in the mirror, painting your toenails a favorite shade of blue (my newest love), or curling up with that novel you've been dying to read. 

A moment for YOU. 

This week, take a little bit of time each day to do at least one thing - big or small - that makes you feel happy. We both know you deserve it.

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hey, monday...

August 5, 2013

The first steps are often the hardest. Then you find your groove. Habits form. And by design, the tasks and milestones become something you enjoy. You look the next step...the next mile...the next marathon. Before you know it, your journey becomes your lifestyle. Enjoy the ride. 

Stop waiting for the perfect outcome to prove you have arrived. It's illusive for a reason. 

This week I will keep the momentum going. I will pull through the aches and pains of first steps and continue down the path. I will balance my time between desire, fire, fuel and rest until they come second nature. Until they are as simple to do as breathing itself. All I will need to do is keep showing up. Turn myself in a forward direction. Take another first step. 

August Break - Day 1 & 2

August 2, 2013

Good evening, friends!

I'm getting a little bit of a late start on the August Break lineup here on the blog, but yesterday caught me a little off guard. Thursdays are typically much more mellow at the office, but the good news is I did get A LOT of things accomplished. Working on some major organization projects for the command station (i.e.: desk).

To get caught is the photo I posted yesterday for Day 1 on the August Break 2013 flickr group and via #AugustBreak2013 on Instagram.

Seattle Love. #augustbreak2013

I snapped this shot of my city's icon just before a lunch with some dear friends up there at the top. (Pineapple Basil Gelato? Yes, please!) It was such a treat!

Today's shot is simply of what is inspiring me lately, but it just so happens to have some circle action going on. And I thought it would be fun to show you a quick peek into my latest creative project. (A new Etsy shop on the horizon perhaps?) I must admit. Lately, I'm crazy about black/gold/cream/salmon color combos like whoa.

Inspired Circles

If you are in need of a hit of inspiration, or just some eye candy to brighten your day, head on over to the August Break Flickr Board and check out some other photos being shared by the masses. Otherwise, here are some links to some other inspiring/useful things of late.
Looking forward to a weekend full of energy boosting, soul filling, creativity bursting magic. Until next time, wishing you a calm and inspiring weekend of your own.