give yourself an august break

July 30, 2013

I am filled with a mix of relief, panic and excitement at the thought of beginning a new month. Can you believe it's already August? There's been lots of changes/movements/upgrades happening around my personal space and I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a break! An August Break

For those of you who aren't familiar, August Break is a month long photo project created by Susannah Conway designed to provide a break from blogging and coming up with regular blog post ideas. I have participated in (or attempted to) for several years now (see them here) and I LOVE the boost of photography inspiration it brings. This year, the goal is to make it all the way through the month with a photo post here every weekday. 

So, why relief, panic and excitement? Well...

I'm relieved because I will have something to contribute to this space every day even though I am feeling highly uninspired lately. Panic because summer is winding down quickly and there some big changes coming at work that I am not sure I am ready to tackle. Excitement because I am pledging to stop a bad habit for the whole month of August (with a foolproof way to succeed!) and I think it's going to do wonders for my creativity. 

Gearing up for a month full of possibilities and inspiration...

Here are this week's goals: 
1. Give up one habit. (For me: I'm kicking TV for the whole month of August.)
2. Be Active. (For me: jog for one mile. One giant leap in my foot injury recovery process.)
3. Create Sacred Space. (For me: Organize and set up my studio/creativity nook.)

How are you feeling about this next transition? Is there one thing you plan to do to make the most of this next month? It can be as simple as jogging, organizing, or even unplugging the power cord from your TV and storing at your boyfriend's house so you can't even turn it on. Simple, right? 

Make the most of the month ahead. That's the funny thing about time...use it or lose it! How can you take advantage of the next 744 hours?

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hey, monday...

July 29, 2013

Put the plan in motion. You've mapped it out, dreamt of the possibilities, gathered supplies, and stamped it approved. What are you waiting for? You are ready. It's time. It's time to begin the journey towards wellness, wholeness, and balance. With each step you will get smarter, faster, stronger. You will become a warrior.

This week I will make it happen. I will blend together all of the desires, plans, and directions into one combined path towards an authentic ME. I will balance my time well and take time for everything required and desired. I will become my own definition of a warrior. What does yours look like? Strong, fast, graceful, empowered? This week I invite you to define it. Design it. Be it.

the possibilities are endless...

July 23, 2013

Someone lit a fire within me this week. It's burning a little fast and out of control, so I am working to harness it in, but it's there burning none the less.

And it's about time!!!

As you may have noticed from the brevity of my last "weekly goals" post, things have been a bit busy around these parts. Overwhelming. And in those moments my instinct is to retreat. I wanted to build a cocoon and hide away.

With so much energy building and shifting, I felt pulled in too many directions at once. Like something would have to give. Every day at work was like that moment when you try and jump back on the treadmill while it's still in motion. With a big wish and held breath you start moving and pray you don't fall down and shoot half way across the room. You just keep moving.

As fast as you can.

At some point the pace slows and you find a moment of clarity. Something will give...something must change...and YOU can be the one to make it happen. It's your choice. For me, that moment came last weekend. A group of beautiful women and I got together for some eats, a few drinks, and a chat. During that much needed social night I found a spark of inspiration I desperately needed, an "A-ha!" moment, and some confidence in telling my own story.

The fire was lit.

Strange how I felt everything shift.

This week - after some meditation and assessment - it's burning a bit brighter. I have a vision.

New intentions.

When it comes to my weekly goals, everything I have put in place so far will continue in motion (I'm considering my poor performance last week a little renewal period), but now that I have a small foundation in place I think it's time to broaden my horizons.

I'm also adapting a new goal setting format this week. I'll continue to make small steps towards a different lifestyle, but I want to be more general with each intention and then decide what I can do to meet that requirement day by day. The possibilities will be endless. I invite you to take one or more of these challenges for yourself. And for some inspiration, see at least one example of what I plan to do following each intention below.

Here are this week's goals: 
1. Learn something new. (For me: Start teaching myself graphic design.)
2. Be Active. (For me: 100 Squats a day and frequent walks with my pedometer!)
3. Create Sacred Space. (For me: Clear off & redecorate my coffee table.)

Is there one thing on the list you would like to have/create/accomplish yourself? I bet there is! So, what is one thing you can do this week to take a leap in that direction?

Consider this YOUR spark.

Set the intention and fan the flames.

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progress...march on

July 16, 2013

Hello beautiful beings...

I just wanted to pop in really quick and say hello, post some weekly goals, and give you a little update. 

I'm feeling a little drained this week, but I sense that it is some kind of "rebooting" for the next big adventure. The world feels like it is shifting around me a bit and I am curious to see what is on the horizon. 

The goals have been going really well, but they are all still in progress. I'm averaging about 1-2 morning walks per week (I'd like it to be between 2 & 3), I have a big pile of clothing to donate that is still growing, and I'm walking but often forgetting to wear my pedometer (must change that!). So this week I am going to  modify the goals just slightly in favor of more progress. 

Here are this week's goals: 
1. Enjoy daily morning walks 2-3 times a week
2. Walk 50,000 steps (wear your pedometer!)
3. Donate clothing & furniture and continue reducing

I hope you are all doing well with your goals by either keeping the ones you have in place going or adding more when you are ready. Don't forget to check in with yourself about WHY you are working towards these things. How do you want/expect your progress to feel? Be sure to stay connected and don't lose sight of the bigger picture. For me, I want to feel connected, energized, and free.

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bundles of joy

July 12, 2013

Photo by Eve Wilson. Originally posted at thedesignfiles.

TGIF, people! What a week! I don't know about you, but mine was full of surprises, challenges, and pulling things together. I am so grateful for the weekend.

Here's a few of my favorite things from this week.

/// This art so makes me want to paint!

/// Dying to camp like this and bake dessert like this. So much eye candy in this video.

/// Love the idea of a video time capsule. Maybe I should sign up for the eCourse?

/// Thinking about signing up to take a skillshare. Have you seen this magic?

/// This video is beautiful and so calming. I feel swept away.

/// "It's time to discover and unleash what we can create together"

/// Simple recipe but I was inspired to bake!

/// Finding the words here.

Ok, Beautiful. Enjoy these treasures and have a wonderful weekend!

***This blog post is part of the Weekly Love Project hosted by Love Dream Act. Visit the Weekly Love Project page for links to more love-lists or to share your own!***

flexing some orenda

July 9, 2013

I recently stumbled upon this word..."orenda" and I was immediately smitten with its definition. Don't you think it fits right in with my weekly goals project?

The mystical power to effect change. We all have it, but do we all use it? More importantly, do we use our power for good not evil?

It makes me think about the concept of asking the universe for what you want. The concept of putting positive energy out and receiving positive experiences in return. The concept of small adjustments building up into big change. It's definitely all a bit mystical, but OH MY how it does work!

Last week was a huge success. After experimenting with my morning routine I found that taking a walk through the neighborhood gave me everything I needed...a little bit of stimulation, a little bit of meditation, time for connecting with my thoughts, doing something healthy for my body, and the option to vary my routine a bit by taking a different route. Not to mention this goal contributes about 5,000 steps to my second daily goal. All of a sudden it's easy as pie to reach 50,000 steps per week! In fact, this week I reached 51,343 steps and only went for morning walks on 3 of the days. Holler!

My third goal from last week is still in progress from the current state of affairs in my apartment. I'm amazed I found somewhere to sit and write this amongst the piles and piles of clothes. Though it feels REEAALLLLY good to get rid of clothing that I no longer wear, doesn't make me feel good or isn't comfortable, or is starting to wear out. The 25% goal made the release process easy by giving me a benchmark. I'm amazed at how easy it was! I started out by dividing the types of clothing into groups...tank tops, socks, pants, shoes, etc...and then counted how many pieces I own of each. (Seriously shocked to find out that I owned over 65 pairs of underwear!!! I mean...who in their right mind needs that many skivvies?) I then took 25% of each total so I knew exactly how much to weed out. Some items like summer dresses and work blouses, were a little bit harder to count so I just went through them one by one and asked one simple question..."Yea or Nay?" If it didn't make me say "YAY!" it was out. Simple as that. I want to feel good and look good in the things I wear, so if it didn't fit the bill I knew I wouldn't miss it once it is gone.

I feel so free! It's an awesome feeling even if I'm still buried in piles of clothing. This week I will focus on finishing that project and finally donating some of this clutter. Sooooo looking forward to opening up all this space for good.

Here are this week's goals: 
1. Enjoy daily morning walks
2. Walk 50,000 steps
3. Reduce clothing by 25% and donate

Did you effect change in your life last week? Were you able to harness your own mystical force? This week, find ways to inspire inner magic in yourself and others. Be the change you want to see in the world.

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hey, monday...

July 8, 2013

What feeds your personal peace? What helps you to feel whole and connected? What aids in keeping yourself centered and tranquil? Sometimes it may seem as if you don't have any of these at all, but I bet they are in there somewhere. Spend some time this week listening to your inner calm and finding ways to build it up and let it shine brighter.

This week I will experiment with ways to fuel my personal peace. Maybe through some meditation or yoga? I will define what it looks like for me to feel calm and connected and determine ways to feel centered daily. And I will work on transferring and blending feelings of excitement and inspiration into these moments in order to feel sustained joy. Continuing the journey to feel balanced.

What does contentment and peace look like for you?

monthly music

July 5, 2013

Album Artwork: Firework print by observationfullnfelt

Define the variations of your inner flame. What does it feel like when you slow burn? explode or combust? flicker? How about when you feel a spark? Take a moment to remember the way these moments looked in your life. Then bundle up all the bright sparks, the fire starting feelings, and the burning desires and find a way to light them up again. July is fantastic time to burst with new energy. Learn to harness it. Fuel it well and see if you can keep that flame burning brightly through the second half of this year.      

Joyful July 2013
1. Who's Who - The Weight & Hurry
2. Flowers - Tin Pan Orange
3. Swing Tree - Discovery
4. Concrete Wall - Zee Avi
5. Royals - Lorde
6. July Flame - Laura Veirs
7. Diplomat's Son - Vampire Weekend
8. Swim Until You Can't See Land - Frightened Rabbit
9. Favorite Song - KaiserCartel
10. July - BOY

discovering the "why"

July 2, 2013

Does anyone else feel like they are in a funk this week?

It seems to be the consensus from most of my everyday connections. Almost like there is a fog looming in my mind, glue in my synapses, or a brick wall blocking access to my awareness. This collective haziness made for an interesting week last week and a huge lapse in my weekly goals.

While the smoothies, dish-free sink, and de-stressing are still going strong, I made 0% progress on getting up early, about 50-60% on walking 7500+ steps per day, and about 85% on going TV-less after 10pm. I'm not quite sure if it's the funk, the summer heat, a pure lack of motivation, or if I'm pushing myself to complete a goal I don't truly desire.

This week I'd like to push myself in a new(ish) direction.

Try something different for the sake of different results.

At the start of these weekly goals I had a reason for each goal even if I didn't define it here. I knew what I wanted to change and determined small steps to head in that direction. I had a clear vision. A bigger picture in mind. Somewhere in the last 5 weeks I think I may have lost sight of the endpoint. Not the goal line per se, but the relative ideal lifestyle. In order to "get on track" I think it's important to define what it is I'm looking for. To determine how I want to feel when I get there...and "where" exactly "there" is. (Let's thank Desire Map for this little nugget of truth! Starting that journey this week and the revelations already abound!)

Let's break it down a bit. Here's what I think may be happening with my goal to get up early...

I've neglected to provide myself with motivation. I can tell myself "Seriously...get up!" all I want but if there isn't a reason, a reward, a feeling I am looking to maintain from that action there is nothing to promote success. Sleepy Me will always win because "it's so cozy here" and "go back to dreaming about unicorns and marshmallows" sounds much more appealing than "get up lazy" and "because I said so."(Man...Morning Me is bossy!)

So, this week I am on a mission. Project: Early Bird. Target: Discover WHY I want to get up early.

All I know is that I want to feel energized...alive...and connected before I start the day. I'm not exactly sure what will bring those feelings, so each day I will try out a different morning routine and (hopefully) find what best gives me that feeling. Each night, before I go to bed I will determine what the next morning will hold by asking myself "what can you do tomorrow morning to make yourself feel energized/alive/connected?" Example: On Monday, I was up by 7am (thanks to my lovely beau and his early work schedule) and I spent 30 minutes watching morning TV and cuddling with Miss CoCo. It was quite pleasant, but not as "energizing" as I would like. So Tuesday...I will something new.

I'm also going to redesign my "walk 7,500 steps per day" goal in order to accommodate for days when I have evening plans which don't involve, or allow for, a lot of walking. Instead of 7,500 steps per day, I will shoot for 50,000 per week. That way I can make up for missed steps on other days. (See how easy it is to reevaluate and adjust to what works for you!?)

And since 85% is a passing grade, I've decided to retire "Turn off TV by 10pm" and add a new goal to the mix. This week I will attempt to reduce the amount of clothing I have in my closet, drawers and storage by 25%...and with this summer heat in Seattle maybe apply this to the clothes I've been wearing too!!! (Ha-Cha-Cha!)

Here are this week's goals: 
1. Design a morning routine.
2. Walk 50,000 steps.
3. Reduce clothing by 25%

I think it's going to be a good week. Oh, and check out this new tracking app I'm using at It allows you to track each day you successfully complete a task towards creating a new habit. AND! It increases motivation after several successful days because you then strive NOT to break the chain. For visual people like me...that is pretty freakin' awesome!

So, how did you manage your goals last week? Are you headed in the right direction? This week, give yourself a gentle reminder on why you are doing what you are doing. Find ways to line up your weekly intentions with how you want to feel when the goal is accomplished. Does it get you one step closer to that end result?

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