Project Downsize - Update 1

Update #1: 

I've made some pretty good progress on clearing out the clutter, but there is still a long way to go. I have a few stacks of miscellaneous items that keep moving between rooms and piles. I have unearthed about 6 empty notebooks, 5 unused journals, and books I forgot I owned and haven't yet read. We've taken about 3 trips to goodwill, made a stack of things to sell, and you can finally see the floor in the guest bedroom! With every load donated and box broken down I feel lighter on my feet and stand up straighter. 

Here's what has been finished so far...

  • 2 boxes of clothes donated which freed up 2 of 4 Rubbermaid bins full of off-season, unused and ill fitting clothes.
  • 1 box of shoes donated and a few gently used pairs ready to sell. 
  • Organized all craft supplies by project type. I even have room left in the closet for more!
  • 1 large bag of books ready to sell. The rest will be read and then donated. I won't NEED to visit a bookstore for a VERY long time...but I still might go to peruse the shelves. :)
  • Kitchen and laundry room cabinets organized and unused items donated. We now have a pantry for bulk goods!
  • Organize laundry room storage cabinets
  • Go through pantry, toss expired items and donate non-perishable goods
  • Organize the hall closet
So far I have found that I most likely have anything tool, type of paper or craft supply that I will ever need...or at least something to make what I need. Items that I have been hanging on to for sentimental value are not so sentimental I must have filled the void those items once held. Many of the keepsakes and artwork I have been drawn to over the years are consistent with my style today. And it feels really good to get rid of clothes that no longer fit and remind you of what you once looked like or felt like. It feels much better to embrace who I am and the style I have today. 

I'm looking forward to an organized home and maybe making a little extra money from the items marked for sale. I hope that all of the items donated find a good home as someone else's treasure. They were loved while they were here and are now free to bring joy elsewhere. 

Now, on to the next task!