Paradise Found

I have only been in Dominica a few days and I am already dreading having to leave. While I can't wait to get home and tell you all about this beautiful island that has already found a special place in my heart, it is going to be very hard to say goodbye to paradise.

On my first night here I settled into my cottage, greeted the resident lizards that help control the bugs (you wouldn't believe how many types of lizards they have here), and relaxed in my hammock for a bit. I swayed, closed my eyes, and listened to the sounds. The birds chirping, the rustling of creatures in the fallen leaves below, and the waves crashing. I have a cottage with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic, even on a cloudy day.

Shortly before the restaurant opened for dinner, I left my room to get aquainted with the grounds of my new home for the week. Everywhere you go here at the resort is connected by one mossy stone road that leads from the main building to the cottages that rest high up on the hill. (Luckily, my cottage is close to everything.)

I wandered around until I was ready to eat and I headed to the open air pavillion for dinner. I found a table for one with a view and to make myself feel more at home I ordered a cuba libre made with local rum from the neighboring town (more like a village) from the bar. It was my first time dining alone and I have to say it is an experience that should not be missed by any single woman, or married for that matter. It's not quite as liberating as skinny dipping, but it feels nice to just relax and let your mind and meal take you where it wants. It helps that I am in paradise, but find a restaurant with a view and kick up your feet, read a book, or just meditate on the view. I did fine and it was just me, my journal, my drink, and the ocean.

The staff came by to greet me and find out my name and where I was from. Now, they are happy to greet me by name at every lunch and dinner and at the spa. Wouldn't you like to get away? Where everybody knows your name...and their always glad you came? (Sorry...just a little lyrics montage...I couldn't resist.)

After my meal, I returned to my room to read and relax on my mosquito net adorned bed. After a long few days of flying and airport sitting, I listened for a while to the frog choir outside that harmonized with the crashing waves and drifted off to sleep and dream about the next days activities...

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