Ugly Doesn't Live Here

Since spring has officially started...though old man winter is fighting the adjustment here in Seattle, (bless his heart for trying, but I'm not letting those grey skies stop me) this weekend I started spring cleaning. I had a hot date with my laundry, a rendezvous with my closet, a get-a-way with some bathroom grime, and those dishes in the sink got a long kiss goodnight.

I had planned on cleaning my house before leaving for Costa Rica this week. Like Esther says, "It's nice to come home feeling like the maid has been there." (For those that may not know...Esther is my step-mom. She always has great ideas on how to get organized.) On top of the wonderful feeling of thinking that I have a maid, I had planned on having house guests upon my arrival home and wanted it to be clean and cozy for them. To be honest, that is all true...but was just time. Time to clear out the clutter and whip my house into shape.

The other day I was online reviewing other blogs for inspiration and to get to know some really amazing women. There are so many creative minds in this world. My friend Cass and I were emailing blog addresses back and forth and both of us kept saying "How are these women so talented?!?!?" If you don't believe me, just check out a few of the joyful.sites listed on my blog. I promise you won't be sorry, but you may become blog-addicted like I am.

So in my browsing I found a post by quaint.handmade. She talks about how blogging life can often be sort of sterile. Sterile in that we only let you see what we want you to see. Everyone can be a perfect version of themselves because we can edit our lives to suit before we share. So this brave woman posted all of the "ugly" that exists in her life; Books and newspapers on the table, dirty windows needing to be cleaned, and a pantry that doesn't fit everything so the excess stays on the floor. The best part is that she lists "The Bad:" and then lists the upside "The Good:" of each item. It's really cute to see the positive spin she puts on each "ugly."

This post was my inspiration for fixing a few problems I have at my apartment. 1. Clothes that are clean, but never get put away. (I know my mom can vouch for this long term ugly habit of mine.) and 2. Dishes that pile up in my sink (They're just soaking, I swear.) Since I know that, even with the best intentions, I will do well for a week and then forget about my "problem" I came up with a reminder...

I have one for my closet too! I'll keep you posted on how I do. It takes 19 times to break or make a habit, so 20 days after I get back from Costa Rica, I'll give you a sink status update. Wish me luck! (Oh...and if you share in my bad habit, feel free to print a copy of the sign for your own habit breaking endeavor. Good luck! See you on the beautiful-sink-side!)

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