Got a case of BADD...

Today...I am putting myself in time out.

I've been a bad girl and have neglected something very important to me...


This neglect hasn't been in a bad way. Actually, it hasn't really been neglect at all. I have been more or less distracted by the excitement of my social life. The city is buzzing right now with things to movies to see, great places to eat, outdoor markets to be shopped, sailboats to sail, and sunny streets to be strolled. I have been consumed by it all and the needed distraction that it brings.

A few days ago I was reviewing blog posts past and wondered why I haven't been as inspired to write lately? The truth is, it's not a lack of inspiration from my incredibly active and wonderfully interesting friends, the lack of blogging has been caused by an inability to focus. There has been so much going on around me that I have found it hard to keep on one train of thought for more than 5 minutes before something else has caught my attention. It's a sort of summertime induced Busy ADD. We'll call it BADD, for short.

So, here I am...spinning my wheels with a big bad case of BADD.

I'm having a great time...don't get me wrong...but every so often I snap out of the distractions and think, "Now what was I up to again?" I start thinking about how focused I was on my goals and how the joy was unstoppable as it radiated through my fingers on the keyboard and onto my blog. Then I wonder what happened?

Don't worry...I am still working on my goals, in between social events, and the joy is still flowing, but now it's swirling around inside of me unable to find the proper outlet. It's a chaotic and frustrating feeling. Sort of like when you go from one room in your house to another with a mission of something to get and/or do and when you get there you think "Now why did I come in here again?" Sometimes it takes just a moment to remember and others a bit longer. Either way you are bound to get back on track.

With that in mind, and the fact that it is Rejuvenation June, I have taken a break, put myself in time out, and I am allowing myself to recharge. I am convinced that cozy pajamas, a mud mask, a glass of wine, my favorite music, and a little bit of candle light in my cozy apartment is just what I need to put it all back in order.

What do you do to put yourself right again?

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  1. I put on my headphones and get lost in the music. That puts myself right every time! Well . . . sometimes it just puts me to sleep. ;)