A penny saved is a memory earned...

Lately I have been having a lot of fun out on the town, going to movies, eating out, shopping for new work and play clothes, and running around enjoying all of the summer events. The trouble is...it's starting to have quite the impact on my expenses, which got me thinking about how to cut some costs. Shortly after I had begun devising a plan for sack lunches and revamping my wardrobe with accessories, I found a great little blurb in Self magazine about our economic times and how often "the key factors to life satisfaction have little to do with money and everything to do with your relationships, following your passions and having a purpose." Hmmm...maybe I am looking in the wrong place for cost savings?

Here are my top five favorite things to do and their cost:

1. Chatting with Friends and Family....$0
2. Listening to my favorite music....$0
3. Hiking or Trail Running at Discovery Park....$0
4. Wandering Farmers Markets....$0
5. Taking Pictures of #1, #3, and #4...#2 if I could!....$0

Inner Voice: "Don't do it! Don't do it, Mara. Be strong."
Silly Sense of Humor: "I can't help it! It's just too fun! I can't resist!"

6. Living a happy joyful life....priceless.

I know. I know. Sorry.

Now back to business...

Other great things to do for free in Seattle:

1. Free First Thursday at several Seattle museums (Arts, History and Industry...Oh My!)
2. Free movies On Demand or on Netflix (So many oldies but goodies it's hard to pick just one!)
3. Hiking or People Watching in local parks (I can't get enough of our beautiful, creative, quirky Seattlites)
4. I Heart Rummage craft fair at the Crocodile Cafe (1st Sunday - And they have a DJ - Crafts and Music? My kind of show!)
5. Chateau St. Michelle free Columbia Valley Tour & Wine Tasting (Wine + Free = A Happy Me)
6. Redhook Brewery Tour and Beer Sampling (It's $1, but that's practically free!)
7. Vital Tea Leaf (Pike Place) tea tastings (Yummy!)
8. Wooden O modern shakespeare theatre outdoors around Seattle (Starts in July - Who wants to go?)

There's so much to do!

So, Instead of stressing out about money and pinching my little pennies, I am opting to be frugal and still savor the exciting things that my city has to offer. There's no need to hide away in my little apartment to avoid spending my hard earned cash too fast. Instead, I will spend my time and invest in my own inspiration, happiness, and enrichment by enjoying the simple things. All I have to do is be a little bit creative! I already have a list of five wonderful things that bring me joy and cost me nothing. Why not add a few more? Any suggestions?


  1. Knowing yourself is the most important part of a successful life. 'Know Thyself' If you don't understand who you are it makes it difficult to know someone else. Be true to yourself and you will find someone who will be true to you.

  2. Hi, I'm a fellow unraveller stopping by to say I'm looking forward to our journey together. I'm also looking forward to reading your blog, I think it speaks to me.

  3. I'm so loving your blog & envy you all the wonderful events in Seattle. Ah well, I am sitting here in Texas listening to the cicadas & enjoying the sun beginning to set, shadows & a bit of coolness - LOL! - settling in. OH - I will be unravelling with you also. (I almost forgot!)

    :) Debi

  4. Lovely post here. Just stopping by from the Unravelling blogroll to say hi and looking forward to seeing your work! (play?)