The Universe Loves You

I am here to present you with a very special reminder and a new daily inspiration tool.

First, the reminder...

Thoughts become things...choose the good ones.

Remember that movie Hook? Think happy thoughts!

"Just one happy thought and it will make you fly."

Happy thoughts make you fly. And it's true! Maybe not literally, but never the less, they make you fly. When you think good thoughts, joyful thoughts, extraordinary thoughts, you call those wonderful things into your life. So today, put a positive spin on everything you can, improve your 'tude, decide how you want today to be, and most of all...believe in yourself.


This simple phrase...this simple reminder that we build our own destinies...brings us to my new found friend...The Universe.

The Universe sends me love notes.

I know you think I am crazy. You think I must be hearing voices. After all, what makes me so special to get the whole Universe's attention.'s simple...I asked.

I asked the Universe to give me a pep talk every day. Honest! I did!

But, wait! Before you write me off as completely nuts and start calling the funny farm with a referral...guess what?!?!?

You're special too!

The Universe wants to talk to you too!

All you have to do is visit the Universe's website at and sign up for the daily emails. It's a lot of fun and the Universe has a great sense of humor.
The other day I received this note from the Universe...just when I needed it the most...

"You don't take 'baby steps' for the distance they cover, Mara, but to put yourself within reach of life's magic. Just like you don't hoist your sails to move the boat, but you put yourself within reach of the wind.

Hoist, baby, hoist, baby, 1, 2, 3, 4 -
The Universe"

And there's always a little bonus note at the bottom of the email. For this one..."Just like you don't sing in the car to be heard, Mara...why do you do that?"

How did the Universe know?!?!? I always sing in the car. Loudly. Sometimes, I worry that there's a hidden camera that someone snuck into my car and out there somewhere someone is laughing hysterically. (Remember that show on MTV?) Well, that awful fear has come true. I guess the Universe HAS been watching!

So, what if the Universe were to send you frequent reminders of the power you have over your life? All I can say, from experience, is that good feelings happen...and those good feelings lead to good thoughts...and those good thoughts inevitably lead to good things. It's a win/win situation.

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  1. Thanks for this luscious reminder! I love my notes from the Universe, too. We have a common friend!!!

    The Universe loves you, too, Mara!!! Today is a day to celebrate that~

    hugs all around!!