Hello World!

Today, a woman from my building joined me on my ride in the elevator. (It's pretty rare that I ever have to share an elevator with someone.) I had never met her before, or even seen her around the building. As soon as the doors close she says to me "I need a nap!" Well, maybe it wasn't to me. Maybe it was just a declaration, but she said it outloud with no hesitation in the same way I may announce something like this to someone I personally know. A friend, classmate, familymember...who I already had an open dialogue with. I'm not sure I would ever say it outloud to a perfect stranger.

We ended up having a short conversation before she exited at floor 2...mostly about the weather making us sleepy and how the workday is only half way complete. As I rode the elevator up to my stop at the 8th floor, her openness got me thinking. If I have such a hard time finding a way to talk to strangers and being outgoing enough to make eye contact and say "Hello" (How Tough Is Your Shell?) why not just take the opening statement out of it? Why not just announce how I am feeling like this woman did? Why not jump right into the conversation like I would with a friend?

How about..."I'm feeling quite tired today. How are you?" or even "I have this craving for a peanut butter and jeally sandwich. What did you have for lunch?"

Look out world, you all have unknowingly become my friend. Let's have a random conversation!

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  1. I'm tired and do not want to go to work today. How are you?

    Your idea sounds fun. I'm curious to hear about the responses you get. Please are so guarded (especially on elevators!) and seem to hold up their armour to strangers. I admit there are days I do. There are many reasons, but mostly it is because on my guarded days, I'm so wrapped up in my own head. Maybe a simple conversation with stranger might be the very thing I need on those days.