Busy, Busy, Busy

There's a great new website that helps keep track of your daily to do lists. It's called TeuxDeux.com. Get it? Teux = To and Deux = Do. So creative.

On this site you can create a free account and enter in everything on your too do list for that day. If you are someone like me who works at your computer for 8 hours a day it's a great little tool. I just keep the screen open and periodically check in to mark off tasks as I do them or add new ones as they come up.

I know. I know. You can use Outlook to make a task list, but what fun is that?!?!?

The greatest feature of this fancy little to do list, I think, is the automatic transfer of undone to dos to the next day. If you don't quite make it through the list (let's face it...that happens more often than not) it automatically moves it to the next day of the week. Voila!

You can even drag items to different days if you change you mind and decide to procrastinate until next week! (Honest truth...I love anything that can help me to procrastinate.)

The next-greatest feature on the site (maybe the greatest depending on who you are) is the Someday section at the bottom where you can add to dos that you really want to get to but just can't assign a day to yet.

So...if you're in need of a little daily organization I encourage you to check it out.


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