I'm taking a moment to whine to the Universe today...because a moment is exactly what I need right now.

I'm tired of school. I'm tired of homework. I'm tired of this journey I started so many years ago. Seriously! Aren't "I" there yet?

Today I can't stop daydreaming about so many things that I just don't have a "moment" to do right now...

A moment to read novels instead of textbooks...

Because reading IS cool. (Print by dazeychic)

A moment to knit a few winter scarves and gloves...

"A Little Love in Every Stitch" by LoveSugar

A moment to bake fall pies...

in one of these lovely pie plates from lesliefreemandesigns

A moment to drink some tea and daydream of adventures to come...

"Expedition" print by joutomaa

A moment to cook from scratch...

(This practice is much needed) "Tragedy" by violetbellaphoto

A moment to sew...maybe some new clothes... "Sew Sew" by LittleTypes

A moment to call and catch up with friends..."Telephone Girl Print" by theblackapple

A moment to build playlists of my fave music...

and share them on this little blog. "Mumford" by Moonbeetle

Ok...I'm done whining.

I hope all my lovely readers are enjoying the fall coziness and making your daydreams possible!

Missing you tremendously,



  1. You deserve a little self care. Take your moment, enjoy some non-school stuff. Then come back to your school responsibilities with a renewed feeling of Freshness!!!

  2. I went to a community college for seven years, and believe me, I know what you're talking about! You get so sick of the nonsense. I know this post is two months old, but I'm betting you could still use some happy stories. Head over to, click on November and read "Horses" Part 1 and 2 and the "Halloween" stories. You might also like "The Old Dog" story, also in November (I think.)

    These stories probably won't get you out of doing your homework, and housework, and everything else you're probably stuck with these days, but will hopefully give you a good chuckle and lighten your day a little.