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This week hasn't exactly gone as planned. In fact, every thing I thought I would be doing and planned at the beginning of the week was somehow lost in the translation. I'm definitely far behind on posting here on the blog and a little disappointed that I didn't keep up the motivation I had from last week. Instead, it's late Thursday night and here I am trying to have a conversation with all of you out there in blog world.

This reminds me of something that I learned about myself this week. While taking a self-assessment for  class I answered a very simple question and found an much bigger answer than expected. The question was part of a series that related to how I deal with social and emotional situations with 3 options for an answer.  It asked how I would react if I approached someone to start a conversation and they did not respond. My answer was obvious. I would move on and try to talk to someone else. When I tallied my results I found that my answer was worth 0 points...and points was what I wanted. (The other options were worth 5 and 10 points.) I was pretty shocked that this answer resulted in NO points and that it wasn't the proper way to respond. What would you do?

The reason I bring it up here is because the two other answers implied that there should be an open dialog about why the person did not respond...that I should try again. So, right now, at this moment, I am going to try to start the conversation with all of you again.

I'll be honest. Some days when I post and I don't receive any comments I wonder if anyone out there is reading. Yes...I'm whining. I mean...many of you know that I like to talk to myself a lot, but not always. I would LOVE to hear from you! (Do I sound desperate? Jeez.) The funny thing is, I know there are people out there reading, but I still wonder if it's just me and the void. Sometimes that is why I lose motivation to post. So I began to wonder...why do some people post comments and not others? I came up with 3 potential answers...1) Sometimes we are too busy to post or are still taking in what was said so we don't feel motivated to comment. I read a lot of blogs and I do this A LOT. 2) Sometimes we feel vulnerable posting to the void because we are uncomfortable putting ourselves out there or our reaction is too personal for a public space. Again, I do this a lot. 3) Sometimes we are not sure how to comment on a blog because each page is different than the last. I find this frustrating sometimes. So...I am going to give my readers a few solutions to hopefully help you feel comfortable joining the conversation.

For those who identify with #1...I know what it's like to be busy or not motivated to react. But, if you ever feel like you want to reply, remember, I would LOVE to hear from you! For option #2...I don't want to push you out of your comfort zone, but again I would LOVE to hear from you and encourage you to post within those boundaries. You can also opt to post anonymously. (*whispering* "No one will ever know it was you.") If you have more to say, or still don't feel comfortable, feel free to send me an email response that you know only I will see. It will be our own personal convo. And behind Door #3... Congratulations! We have an exciting tutorial! But because this post is growing WAY too long, tomorrow will be dubbed "Tutorial Friday". Stay tuned.

P.S. I fixed the link for the Delightful December playlist. I sincerely hope you will check it out and listen to a few of the tunes that made that month magical for me.


  1. I stumbled on your blog some time ago, and I bookmarked it. I like reading what you have to say, so please keep it up. It's good to be able to put thoughts to paper, to force yourself to think through things... so hang in there.

  2. The new look to Joyful Life is just lovely & rustic and homey. It's definitely my favorite layout so far! The December playlist is constantly on while I type away at work through my ear buds - keep posting the playlists! I adore Your taste in music! Joyful Life is definitely a collection of musings to be proud of - keep it going!

  3. Thank you my two Anonymous friends! These comments mean a lot and I will definitely hang in there.

  4. i always read your writing but i never leave any comment.. i think your life is very joyful:)

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the comments and I am so happy that you stop by here!