Making it look "Etsy"

As you have probably noticed I try to showcase artwork found on Etsy that is related to my blog posts as much as possible. Yet, there is so much more that can be found on Etsy that is creative and lovely. Things that I wish I could make or am jealous that I didn't think of it first!

So each week or a couple of times a month I would like to bring you a quick roundup of items that were just posted (maybe for the first time ever or to replenish shop stock) and are different from the artwork I generally use to supplement my posts.

Part of my reason for this is to get you used to seeing that type of post on my blog. Why? Well, I'm so glad you asked! Because hopefully *fingers crossed* this year I will be opening up my own little Etsy shop with items made by me especially for "you". WHEN (I'm avoiding "if" here) that happens I will be regularly featuring new items that I add to my shop on

And's the goods.

This lovely bag by CrazyBoy
She has tons to choose from!
These adorable wooden deer by Star House. Lots of designs to
pick from, but these would be fun for Valentine's Day!

Of course this White Rabbit glass pendant by
Dandelion's Valley is a fave. The whole gang is there!

These flats by Hydra Heart fascinate me.
Love this tote by the Bold Banana. Did you know? Beards are Sexy.

This skirt by Les Enfants Sauvages sold out before I could post.
Isn't it fabulous!?!? I'm crossing my fingers we will see another.

So that's it for my Etsy post today. I hope you en-joyed the items and I will see you soon!

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