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"Sense of Scale" print by NestaHome

This quarter we are working on a personal development project in my managing employees class and it has me thinking a lot lately about growth. About how we all (hopefully) improve and bloom as the years go by and how each year has seasons that affect each one of us in different ways. Some of us constantly reach higher and stay strong and full of life through every season, and and others go through gradual changes, each with its own beauty, and come out on the other side more magnificent than before.

For my project, I am working on growth through reducing stress and developing resilience, so hopefully I will become one of those "trees" who is consistently strong, but still graceful, rather than the one I am now who is constantly struggling with her environment.

Are you tired of the "tree" metaphors yet?

Ok...on to why I am here. I have decided that my lovely little space on this blog creates two things in my life: 1) A little stress when I feel like there is an expectation for me to be creative and write daily posts... and 2) a place for me to grow. I realized the other day that this venue has been a huge outlet in my life and has helped me find my voice. Because thing #2 is way more desirable than thing #1 I am attempting to reduce the stress I feel to come up with new post ideas by creating a weekly schedule. So, from now on, here is the post lineup I will loosely follow. (I say loosely because you never know when inspiration will strike and I may have a way more brilliant post idea.)

Monday: Hello Week post
Tuesday: Crushin' on Etsy
Wednesday: Textbook Revelations
Thursday: Tutorials or Inspiration
Friday: Video Friday!

Sound good to you? Me too! But suggestions are always welcome.

And now...since it's are some of my Etsy crushes.

This week's theme? Trees.

I love shrinky-dink jewelry, especially this tree top ring...
Forest Ring by DillonDesigns

There's something about the tree lined path photo 
that looks like you could follow it deep within...
Silent Path necklace by wearableartbyjude 

A nature themed cover for an electronic book...
A kindle cover by handmadebysima.

I would love to see the shadows created by these wispy tree silhouettes... 
"Reaching Branches" votive holders by daydreemdesigns

These pillows look comfy and relaxing with the calm winter tree-scape...
Traditions pillow covers by Quiltpedaler

This is one of those journals that I would buy and love
but would be afraid to write in it and mess it up! I know...weird.
Shadow Pods moleskin journal from shoofly

I love birch trees and I would like to try produce 
bags, so these would be a win-win situation.
Reusable Organic Birch Tree produce bags by ohlittlerabbit

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds great. Love the necklace. You're amazing.