August 1 - Sugar Pea

Sugar Pea, originally uploaded by

Today was a great start to a new month. I cleaned out a few closets, moved a few pieces of furniture, started a few art projects, did a little shopping and checked in on my little p-patch. Things are growing well - much better than last year - and we had a fresh salad with dinner, compliments of my thriving lettuce plants. I even have raspberries this year! And a few of my dahlias that were left in the ground over the winter have popped back up! Way to go dahlias!

Yup! Today was a good day. Absolutely no complaints.

Hope your August 1st was productive!


  1. You sound way more motivated than me, hahaha. You may need to throw some of those raspberries into one of your garden fresh salads! happy growing!

  2. I love your little pea plant. Sounds like you have quite the green thumb! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting today. Very thoughtful.