August 3rd - CoCo Love

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Today was a day to appreciate the connections in my life.

This morning my little CoCo Bean followed me down the stairs as usual, meowing at me and looking up as if to say "Is it time for breakfast?"

She is my shadow. Everywhere I go...she goes. Up the stairs, down the stairs, in the potty...everywhere.

Today, I went to work and nurtured a few professional bonds. Stopped by my boyfriend's work for a quick hello. Spent a long overdue dinner with a friend I haven't seen in months. Outlined a few plans for this weekend when I visit home and spend some much needed time with my best friend...which will then lead into some bonding time with my mom on a 4 hour drive back to Seattle. Now... I am curled up on the couch between my CoCo and my man with my feet up.

These connections I have every day, no matter how small they are, and those that I don't have quite often enough remind me how important and exciting they are. Connections as simple as these have the potential to renew our spirit, give us a sense of place, and show us that we are loved for who we are...always.

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