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There is so much going on right now! Exciting and good stuff!

Smith in Seattle. Yummy Food! Great Atmosphere!
I finally got to visit Smith, a local restaurant, with my Sis, her beau, and my mom. Let me say that the atmosphere and eats at this place are especially fantastic! My picture (above) doesn't nearly capture it all, but it has a very rustic/esty-esque vibe. If you're in the comes highly recommended.

My new sewing/embroidery machine was delivered yesterday! I took it home, set it up, and tested it out by sewing a pillow cover I've been planning for months. The sewing machine works very well, but my sewing technique could use some work. Since I was focusing more on learning the machine and the scraps I was using for the back of the pillow were limited, things were a little askew and there is definitely room for improvement. Either way, the machine is fantastic and I am ready to start creating new masterpieces.

Speaking of creating...I'm opening an Etsy Shop! I have talked about this forever, but some recent events have fired me up enough to get started. Last week I applied for my Washington State business license and Seattle Business License and all seems to be going smoothly, but a little slowly, on the shop front. I plan to have two sections to my shop...

1) designs - items that I make, including jewelry, clothing and accessories.
2) per.used - items that I found, including vintage items and fixed up thrifted treasures

You can see the shop logos for each on my new Etsy tab at the top of the website. That's right! I've made a few minor changes around here to get ready. I've also adopted a new website domain... ... but you will not be lost if you have bookmarked the blogger address. This new domain will help readers and new friends to find my blog using a simple google search.

Over the next few weeks I will be busy busy - working hard on inventory, setting up a few required tracking systems, and prepping the shop - but I hope to be back here often with details and maybe a few sneak peeks. Until then, I encourage you to go out and get started on one of your dreams.

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