please pass the mustard

When I was a kid mustard (yes...the yellow stuff you put on hot dogs) was one of those icky things that I would turn up my nose at. If it had mustard...I didn't eat it. This same rule of thumb went for pickles, cooked spinach, beets, etc. (My mom probably has a list a mile long of things I wouldn't eat and my dad still stocks lucky charms in the cupboard because I lived on it as a kid.)

My how things have changed.

These days...a sandwich isn't complete and a hot dog is bare without a little bit of fancy mustard. Not the bright yellow kind. You know...the good stuff.

To honor how style and tastes change and is a little etsy tribute to the color of MUSTARD.

honeycomb ring by lemonswirlstudios

Lyra Dress by cocoricooo

Love the knit of this Woodlander Bodice by InnerWild

Cotton Crochet Washclothes by Sweetbriers

This makes me feel better about myself.
Creativity is Messy by theprintmakers

Mustard Seed Button Ring by swirlsisters

Blythe Bag by tippythai

Vintage Bead Necklace by AcuteDesigns

Not sure why I decided to tell you about my mustard preferences, but I wanted to share these delicious mustard items off of etsy and just kind of came out. Now I need a sandwich.

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