2 Days of Thankful

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In between paper writing spurts today I spent a little time catching up on my bloglovin feed. I was about 1400 posts behind, most of which are from the last few days, but it all reminded me how much I appreciate the blogosphere and the people I meet there. Anytime I need a boost of creativity or want to discover new things, bloglovin and pinterest are my favorite places to go. 

Today, I found some great new recipes, lots of gift guides, and a few very special stories about triumphs and even heartache. It's amazing how close I can feel to people I have never met and how supportive and proud I am of perfect strangers. I find myself rooting them on in good times and bad, but most of the time I find myself inspired by what they share with the world. 

Today I am thankful for the millions of amazing and dedicated bloggers out there. Thank you for sharing your joys, passions, and struggles with me. I hope I bring even an ounce of that to those who check in to my little corner of the blogosphere. 

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