7 Days of Thankful

Thanksgiving print by TheSalvagedSparrow

Turkey Day is almost here and I thought it would be a good exercise for me to list one thing I am thankful for each day until then.

Almost everyone, including me, has the normal - but still very important - gratitude for family, friends, health, happiness, safety, things that make us stronger, etc. I have been very thankful for those blessings in my life, especially lately, so I will assume them just a given in this exercise. I want to show my gratefulness for the fun stuff in my life, the little bits of spice, little things that might be overlooked, and simply the things that bring me joy during this week.


I am thankful for happy hour. It might sound silly, but after a week that feels twice as long as normal I really am thankful for this bit of time to relax with a friend. The sun is shining, I am super hungry for cheap eats, and I get to spend time at a new restaurant with a good friend. Who wouldn't be thankful for that?

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