snow day...

Today is a snow day for me and most of Seattle! So I'm lounging in my pajamas, cozy indoors while the flakes fall outside, checking email remotely and waiting to see if I can free my car for a pampering appointment later this evening. I thought I would stop by and post a few links that I am loving lately...

* Started this detox diet for the week (day 4 today!) and I'm feeling pretty good. If you are curious if you have food allergies, this is a simple place to start. I have been eating a banana and oatmeal for breakfast, almonds and apples for a snack, lentil soup for lunch, carrots & celery with hummus for an afternoon snack, and salmon or tilapia with brown rice and greens for dinner. Though I have been cheating with dark chocolate for dessert I feel great! 

* Spent a lot of time on Foodgawker this week checking out recipe links and pinning them for later. Looks like Craftgawker is going to get a lot of attention from me today. 

* Love this video, this videothis video, and this video. All of which made me smile or stop in awe of amazing people and their accomplishments. 

* Some new bands (to me) that I am loving lately. The Paper Kites, Pearl and the Beard, Peter Wolf Crier, Ben Howard, and Milo Greene

* A few great "How To" projects that will help keep me busy on this cozy day...
So...for those of you here in the PNW who are having a snow day, I hope these links give you a little extra something to fill your day. En-joy and Stay warm!

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