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Many of you may already know...I spend a lot of time on the internet. Generally I am just looking around for new inspirations, checking FB/Pinterest/Bloglovin posts, and listening to music. In my cyber travels, I find lots of little bundles of joy. Many of them are pinned/posted/bookmarked, simply archived for later and others emailed to family or friends who I know will enjoy them. Often, these little bundles are found in lists (what are often called "roundups") on other blogs. So today...I would like to start my own.

This week's bundles:

1. Mahogony Sessions - Music is one of my great loves. Here you can see acoustic recordings of many of my favorite bands (much like the Black Cab Sessions) and find new ones of your own.

2. Calm.com - Need 2 or 10 minutes to relax? Log on to Calm.com, pick a calming scene, set the time, turn the music & guidance on or off, and get to the relaxing. I found it really peaceful and a great way to help me slow it down.

3. Eshakti.com - Ladies...Do you love classic clothes? Do you hate how short dresses are lately? Do you love certain styles, but want to cover up trouble areas or customize them to your figure? This website may be the answer.  I stumbled upon this and immediately ordered a few dresses - customized to knee length - and cute tops. They even let me add straps to one of the strapless dresses! I am eagerly awaiting them in hopes that they fit well. If so, I know there will many more Eshakti frocks to come.

4. The Goldielocks Paradox - I suffer from this everyday. Just when I think I've got it all together...here we go again!

5. This What If? post by Jen at My Smiling Heart. It really made me stop and think for a bit, to wonder along with her, and get excited about my own moments/revelations to come. Ah, Summer...let's slow it down and daydream for a bit, shall we?

6. And it wouldn't be Video Friday without a video. This week I am loving this series of videos. What would be your answer?

Fifty People, One Question: New York from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.

Well that's it for now, lovely readers. I will see you all soon. Until then...have a joyful weekend and seek out a few bundles of your own. The world is your oyster.

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