monthly mix

Well hello summer! Seattle is getting a blast of warm weather (and some exciting thunder storms) and I am ready to soak up some sun this weekend!

I hope you are all enjoying Friday the 13th and things are looking sunny for you too! 

Here's some monthly tunes to put on in the background while you are doin' your thing. Whatever your special thing may be. 

Lovely ocean background for this month's cover art is "Carefree" by Carolyn Cochrane ~ found on Etsy as always! You can see more of her beautiful prints here.

1. I Understand - Heidi Happy
2. Down and Around - A B & The Sea
3. Tighten Up - Jack and White
4. We Are Stars - The Pierces
5. Steal His Heart - Emily and The Woods
6. Good As New - Vacationer
7. That Wasn't Me - Brandi Carlile
8. Hello My Old Heart - The Oh Hello's
9. The Only Night - Ian Love
10. You're the One That I Want - Julia Stone

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