august 2

My name lies at the heart of the city. Where thousands of people every day taste new flavors, find new treasures, and feel the buzz of the energy around them. Where fresh baked breads, catch of the day, sun ripened fruit, and colorful blossoms fragrant the air. People from around the world flock here. Talented artists of music, art, and handmade start their journeys here. My family brought me here. My family placed me here among the beats. My little corner of Pike Place Market. One of the most important corners to me. My heart lies in this city. In this place. My city. My home. Seattle.

*My big sister has her own little corner too. Her name is in the bottom right corner of this shot. Hey sis!


  1. It is lovely to meet you. I found your lovely space through the August Break. I myself have just moved to Seattle, and it is incredibly lovely. I am slowly 'etching' myself into new experiences and new communities. How special to have a piece all your own! I can tell it's home for you. I've also been listening to your Joyful July mix on this lazy Friday, and it has been lovely as well.

    1. Hi Laura! Welcome to j.l. and welcome to Seattle! I am so glad you enjoy it here. I always say that once you come here, and if you get the chance to stay for a bit, you will never go back home again. It really is a special place. Sounds like you are finding your nitch!

      I hope you are enjoying August Break! I'll stop by your corners of the blogosphere and say hello!