I hope you enjoyed yesterday's 10 lovely blog posts on 10/11/12. Today I'd like to share a list of 11 new productivity tools available online. Well, at least they are new to me. I hope one or two of these tools add a little something to your day to day, or at lease helps it run a little bit smoother. See you tomorrow!

   11 Awesome Sites    

I love online tools. Anything that is designed well and helps me to make endless to do lists and hoard the zillions of magical ideas I find online is my new best friend. Here's just a few of what is new to me.

1. ohlife.com makes it easy to journal and jot down your life story. Every day it will send you an email asking "How was your day?" (Awwwww. So cute!) Then, all you have to do is answer!

2. DoItTomorrow touts itself as the online to do list for procrastinators. If you're like me and make tons of to do lists but never seem to get everything done, just click the arrow and move it to another day! (This is close to my other fave teuxdeux.com where undone items are moved automatically to the next day.) Also comes as an app for your phone!

3. Skinnyo is a great place to keep track of your workouts, challenge yourself and others to get healthy. It combines social networking and goal tracking. Get Skinny-yo! My first challenge...cut out sugar. (I know. I know. Good luck with that!)

4. Pocket is a great place to stash everything you don't have time to peruse today. If you find something you want to read later (even if you don't have an internet connection then) just click a button and put it in your pocket! Seriously? They make it so easy. 

5. Feedly is another place to link what you want to read later and follow new posts on your favorite websites. One of the best parts is the Explore feature where you can find links to new websites you may love. 

6. Lots of file sharing options with GE.TTDropboxSugarSync to help you maintain access to files, photos, songs from any computer anywhere or share large files with a friend. I use Dropbox every single day at the office and it's super secure. 

7. Instructables is a great place to post your how-to projects or find new DIYs. Tons of stuff for Halloween on there right now!

8. Whichbook helps you to decide what to read next and Hundred Zeros is a great place to find free bestselling ebooks. Or hop on over to What Should I Read Next and enter your favorite author for suggestions. 

9. Wish you could get a wake up call every day? Enter your reminder, phone and date/time for the call and leave it all to wakerupper. Then all you have to do is answer the phone! You can even have it nag other people...or maybe send a love note? (Note: The first 10 calls are free and then it is 5cents/minute.)

10. Coolendar is an intuitive calendar that turns your to do list items into scheduled tasks. Just enter the date, time, and what it is you want to do and it will automatically schedule it and sync it with your google, outlook, or iPhone calendar. It's available as an App too for on the go use. 

11. WorkFlowy will help you make lists within lists within lists...if all you really need is to list it out. It creates an easy and streamlined way to organize anything from notes, brainstorms, shopping lists, journal entries, goals and more.  I wasn't sure about this at first, but after just a few minutes of using it I think it's a keeper. 

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