to my charming gardeners:

found on outcamethesun on tumblr

To those of  you who visit this little corner of mine. To those of you who listen to my ramblings and wish me well. Thank you for all you do. You are my charming gardeners and I adore you. 

P.S. Surgery went very well, but recovery has been hard. Apparently anesthesia, pain meds, and antibiotics do not do my tummy well. One nurse even said she had never seen anyone react so badly. Figures. But today I am feeling much better and getting ready for everything that comes next. Talk to you soon! Maybe even have some monthly music headed your way tomorrow!

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  1. Get well soon -- I'll be wishing you a speedy recovery!

    And with that being said, it looks like the hardest part is behind you, so at least enjoy that, or try to. :o)