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Well, here we are in the middle of Never Say Never November. Have you said "Never!" this month? It can be tough sometimes, but I've been trying really hard not to. Every other day I put a little more weight on my healing foot and think..."Ok, that wasn't so hard. In just a few days you can try a little more!" At first I had difficulty even remembering to put my foot down, so I spent one whole day just training myself to keep my foot touching the floor with each step. The next day I started adding a little weight. It's progressing more now and I am gaining some confidence, but it's still hard to believe that in a few weeks I should be fully off my crutches and standing upright again. It's all about baby steps. It's about finding a pace.

Speaking of of my favorite things in life is the way a song can be a perfect match for an internal beat or mood. That moment when everything clicks because what you hear on the outside melds perfectly with what you are feeling inside. Typically this happens for me while driving. Something about the speed of the car, the blur of trees or buildings passing by, and the tapping of my hands on the steering wheel. Perfect moments. This month...A Sail by Lisa Hannigan is pulling a little of that my way. What songs are resonating with you? Throw out a few titles in the comments section and you never know, they may just show up on Delightful December. After all...never say could definitely happen.

Never Say Never November 2012
1. A Sail - Lisa Hannigan
2. The Tide Pulls from the Moon - William Fitzsimmons
3. Without a Word - Birdy
4. Toxic - Melanie Martinez (she's amazing!)
5. Anchor - Bess Rogers
6. 1957 - Milo Greene
7. Travelin' On - Norah Jones
8. Rules - Jayme Dee
9. When It All Goes South - Death and a Cure
10. The Waves - Matthew and the Atlas
11. Over and Again - Amiina

p.s. I must have the ocean and traveling on my mind. There seems to be a little theme running through this one. In fact, the theme carries on in the setting of this seaside bonfire video for Home by Lisa Hannigan. She is simply magical. And what a lovely way to spend an evening with friends!

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