hey, monday...

Somewhere between the "to do" and the "must do" you will find your time to "just be" this week. To spend time with things that are calling you. Intriguing you. For new interests or those left far behind. Take a moment to be quiet and listen. These are the things that fill our spirits and enrich our authenticity during the in between. Give them time to lead you and follow without restraint.

This week I will take advantage of my in between moments. The fleeting breaks and evening hours. I will spend that time listening to my intuition and diving deeper into books and projects that I am dying to devour. You see, I've been having trouble with silence lately and the only thing I can think of to remedy that is to throw myself into those moments. To turn off the tv. Put down the smart phone. Plant myself at my workspace or cuddle up in my bed and find a way to savor the stillness. It is something that I rarely practice in my life and feel now that I desperately need. This week I will find time for that connection and just be.

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  1. Smitten with the though of "just being"...of soaking in the feeling of this week!