hey, monday...

Find time to soak up the sun this week and direct that same warmth and light back into your daily life. Time spent reconnecting with loved ones and gaining the courage to be more outgoing is doing you well, so keep the momentum going. A positive spirit is as good for the world around you as it is for YOU, so let it shine!

This week I will follow some recent guidance and "surrender". I will relinquish control, go with the flow, and try not to let uncertainty or ambiguity dampen my spirit. I will put forth the pieces of me that people are drawn to and let go of the pieces that push others away. Those pieces are just for me...for private spaces...for moments when they are needed...and not for the every day. Go on and live the joyful.life!


  1. This is lovely and an inspiring reminder to me as well. I hope you have a great week! :)

    1. How did your week go, Stephanie? I am happy to report I was able to surrender this week and keep a positive attitude. Not without a few surprises on the way though. Just this morning I found myself holding on tight to something that in the bigger picture is quite meaningless and I was amazed to hear my inner voice shout "No! Release your grip and surrender." I did and went about my day. It was such a wonderful feeling! I sincerely hope you had some big successes this week as well.