tea and gratitude

A few weeks ago I ran across a post by Cornflower Blue about an Ayurvedic tea consultation she received from WholeBody Alchemy. The concept of Ayurvedic healing, a form of alternative medicine, is a new one to me, but the practice came up in either reading or conversation several times during the month and I took it as a clear and gentle sign that there was something there for me.

Image: WholeBody Alchemy

A few days later I contacted the lovely Lindsay Holt for a reading of my own. The process was easy, insightful, and something really special. Lindsay welcomed me with a personal email and an intake questionnaire the very next day. After filling out a few details about myself (habits, reactions, personality traits...) I received an explanation of my dosha (pitta = water + fire) and tips on how to bring my current state of imbalance back into alignment. The analysis was thorough, light, fun, and insightful. It included yoga pose and diet suggestions, simple lifestyle recommendations, and even a special "key word" to use as a gentle reminder.

A colorful and joyful tea for me to savor and a gentle reminder to "surrender.

The following week a package arrived in the mail. Enclosed was one of the most special gifts I have ever received. So many wonderful treasures precisely packed into one small box! The most important piece? My custom blended Ayurvedic tea containing Gotu Kola (increases intelligence, memory and longevity, & strengthens resistance to stress), peppermint (relieves mental and emotional tension), jasmine, Lavender (relieves tension and anxiety), Hibiscus, Lotus Leaf (nutritive and rejuvenating), rose petals, marshmallow root, and linden flower (relieves anxiety). Isn't it the most colorful and beautiful tea?!?

The package also included instructions for a solo tea ritual (The Gratitude Ritual), a fresh smudge stick, an herbal soap sample, and a hand-painted stone with my hand-picked word: Surrender

"Your key word should be Surrender. Since Pitta types often prefer to be in control, the practice of surrender will be a great benefit. We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we feel about it by surrendering and allowing space for transitions and change to occur."
It took me a few days to be ready to sit down and enjoy a cup of my tea. I wanted to make sure I made adequate time for the ceremony. And with the pre-summer heat wave that blew through Seattle I decided to wait until I could fully welcome all of the coziness and warmth tea provides. For me, that moment finally came on Tuesday night. I returned home after my regular chiropractic and massage appointments, left the TV off (yay, me!), tidied up my space a bit, and settled in on the couch. Then, following the simple Gratitude Ritual instructions, I gave thanks before every sip for cherished aspects of my life: family, friends, health & wellness, creativity, community, and so on. It was nice to slow down, notice my surroundings, and take a moment to think about what I am grateful for in my life. I feel centered, connected, and so loved. 

This moment is just the latest in my journey toward finding balance. I am so sublimely happy that I stumbled upon the gifts that Lindsay offers through WholeBody Alchemy. The connections made through online creative spirits...just when we need those connections most...amaze me every day. I encourage anyone who is looking for more insight into their constitution, individuals seeking guidance on how to become your own healer and regain health and balance, or those, like me, who would like a simple and gentle way to introduce themselves to Ayurveda to try a WholeBody Alchemy tea consultation. I look forward to the many continued benefits from this short encounter and the sacred gift of self-awareness.


  1. Mara! This was such a delight to read. Thank you! I am glad you are enjoying your tea and the self awareness it a given you. Deep gratitude for this post.

  2. How fun to read this as part of getting to know your blog. I, too, recently ordered a custom tea from Lindsay. What a lovely experience! I'm hoping to write about it soon so it was helpful to see how you described the process. Also--my tea and word were very different from yours--just to confirm the "custom" nature of this service.