hey, monday...

Start today. 

Make a list of all of the projects, tasks, chores, and to dos that you have been putting off, ignoring, hiding, or making excuses for and start at least one of them today. It's time to get the momentum going, to plant the seeds, and move on to bigger things. To wipe the slate clean and make room for everything you want to do, you can't wait to do, you desire to do so you can enjoy that journey guilt-free and well prepared. Whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual clutter-cleaning, set a few minutes aside today to just begin.

This week I will make a list, place my feet at square one and finally take the first steps towards a simplified and more joyful life. I will set up a game plan, plot my course, and divide and conquer all that has been hanging around on these shoulders for weeks/months/years of 'someday I wills'. (When does this "someday" actually occur, anyway?) It's time. A new way of thinking, doing, and being starts today. Not then or when or later. 



  1. That is actually my plan for the summer. I'm going to declutter, paint some walls, hang my kids' artwork. And write, and take photos... I'm hoping that clearing my space will open me up to my energy and creativity!

    1. OMG...you are going to feel so good when that is all done!!! Looking forward to a great summer too. Can't wait to see where it all takes you!

  2. YES! I *must* do this too. Thank you for the motivational kick in the butt to actually do this. (Must. Not. Procrastinate.)

    This is a brilliant post. Do you have a way to log what you need to do? Or just a handwritten list?


    1. Hi Gem! I have to admit I am an absolute sucker for handwritten lists, but lately I have been trying out Todoist (a program that coordinates with outlook, smart phones, gmail, etc.) to track tasks at the office. Sometimes I will email to do lists to myself or use teuxdeux.com because I love their auto-transfer feature (unfinished tasks from one day automatically move to the next day) and their long term goal section.

      I will have a post about weekly goals up tomorrow that may give you some good ideas as well!

      Here's to checking things off the never-ending to do list! Cheers!

  3. Hi Mara - I realised that I hadn't replied to your message.

    I tried Todoist too, but found that I ended up spending more time making detailed lists than actually getting on and doing what needed to be done. That said though, I did find it nice and easy to use and kept at it for quite a while. I often email lists to myself too, and tried out TeuxDeux after you mentioned it. I like the minimalist design and I agree that the auto-transfer feature is very useful. (All electronic to-do lists should do this!) I use Tasks in GMail a lot, but it is a real pain needing to keep moving unchecked tasks to another day.

    Good luck with your to-do's!