Summer Manifesto

Sitting here listening to this song which always reminds me of summer...of driving on the open road with the windows down, wind in my hair, on my way to somewhere fantastic...of screaming it at the top of my lungs and tapping the steering wheel with sublime joy. No matter when or where I hear it, my wanderlust kicks in and I instantly crave a road trip.

And what perfect timing! Summer officially starts this week (I think someone forgot to tell the weather fairies here in Seattle because for us it started months ago!) and I'm daydreaming more and more about campfires, mountain hikes, picnics and feeling the grass between my bare toes. In fact, the other day my beau and I made a list of all the things we wanted to do this Summer. I'm aching to start crossing things off.

That's right! It's back!

The Summer Manifesto!

Here is 2013's in all it's glory...

The last one is a carry over from last year because time to "just be" is what I crave and remember the most each summer. 

An easy summer. 

A lazy summer. 

A summer with long moments away from technology and gadgets, TV and couches. 

A summer filled with experiences that reach deeper than we can remember ever feeling before and remind us of the simplicity of life. 

A summer filled with moments that consume us and then come back around again and again at the first note of a song, smell a scent, or warmth of the sun. 

I'm ready to surrender to summer, are you?  


Wishing you love, ease, sun and simplicity this Summer Solstice. 
Have a beautiful summer weekend!


  1. Yay! for Summer, and for this beautiful manifesto. I'm ready to start my summer too, even if the 100 degree weather where I live means a bit more hanging out indoors.

    I was thinking the other day that Summer has always seemed to me like such a transformative time, even more so than Spring. It feels like there's so much joy and freedom and possibilty in these months, that when Fall finally arrives we're always a bit different, a little less stressed and ready to take on the rest of the year.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I love your list and the things on it!
    You inspired me to make one for us too, there will be so much we have to explore at the new place we go to live and it will be good to have some ideas ready!
    Wish you a beautiful day