the possibilities are endless...

Someone lit a fire within me this week. It's burning a little fast and out of control, so I am working to harness it in, but it's there burning none the less.

And it's about time!!!

As you may have noticed from the brevity of my last "weekly goals" post, things have been a bit busy around these parts. Overwhelming. And in those moments my instinct is to retreat. I wanted to build a cocoon and hide away.

With so much energy building and shifting, I felt pulled in too many directions at once. Like something would have to give. Every day at work was like that moment when you try and jump back on the treadmill while it's still in motion. With a big wish and held breath you start moving and pray you don't fall down and shoot half way across the room. You just keep moving.

As fast as you can.

At some point the pace slows and you find a moment of clarity. Something will give...something must change...and YOU can be the one to make it happen. It's your choice. For me, that moment came last weekend. A group of beautiful women and I got together for some eats, a few drinks, and a chat. During that much needed social night I found a spark of inspiration I desperately needed, an "A-ha!" moment, and some confidence in telling my own story.

The fire was lit.

Strange how I felt everything shift.

This week - after some meditation and assessment - it's burning a bit brighter. I have a vision.

New intentions.

When it comes to my weekly goals, everything I have put in place so far will continue in motion (I'm considering my poor performance last week a little renewal period), but now that I have a small foundation in place I think it's time to broaden my horizons.

I'm also adapting a new goal setting format this week. I'll continue to make small steps towards a different lifestyle, but I want to be more general with each intention and then decide what I can do to meet that requirement day by day. The possibilities will be endless. I invite you to take one or more of these challenges for yourself. And for some inspiration, see at least one example of what I plan to do following each intention below.

Here are this week's goals: 
1. Learn something new. (For me: Start teaching myself graphic design.)
2. Be Active. (For me: 100 Squats a day and frequent walks with my pedometer!)
3. Create Sacred Space. (For me: Clear off & redecorate my coffee table.)

Is there one thing on the list you would like to have/create/accomplish yourself? I bet there is! So, what is one thing you can do this week to take a leap in that direction?

Consider this YOUR spark.

Set the intention and fan the flames.

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