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This week I encourage you to brew a cup of tea in your favorite mug, get cozy with some gratitude and relax into this month's mix. With all of the holiday hustle and bustle be sure to make time for a time out. You of the good ones. One of those "I'm going to pamper myself from head to toe - soak up a little ME time - do that thing that makes me feel beautifully giddy - fall madly in love with 'yours truly' - the rest of the world can wait" kind of nights. It's time to take care of yourself as we head into the new year, and it's never too soon to start. 

Delightful December 2013
1. Re-Arrange Again - Erin McCarley
2. I Want You Back - Jenn Grant
3. Unbroken Promise - Erick Baker
4. River - Angus Stone
5. All the lightly Lights - Passenger
6. Fortunes Wheel - Tan Vampires
7. Cannonball - Sweet Talk Radio
8. Gold - Wake Owl
9. Kaleidoscope - Sleepy Rebels
10. The Mile - Stu Larsen
11. Near Light - Olafur Arnalds

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