you are ready

A new moon brings with it a chance for a fresh start. A new cycle. The most recent new moon (Aquarius on January 30th) brought with it the opportunity for renewed creativity, inspiration, and the energy to become the person who you were born to be. Whatever it is that you are waiting for (or striving for) in order to begin your dream is either not necessary or already within you. You are ready. Follow your heart.

To honor this much needed energy throughout February, and keep a gentle reminder front and center, I have created 3 free desktop backgrounds. I am using "You Are Ready" to keep self doubt at bay and keep moving forward on the next big adventure. To get yours just double click on the image to open it in full size, then right click to select "Save Image As..." and save it where you choose. Next, locate the image on your computer and right click on the file to set it as your desktop background. Go get 'em Tiger!


  1. These are SOOOOOO Gorgeous & Inspiring! Colors, Font & Essence! Thank You for Creating these and sharing them! Xxo.

  2. Ver cool. I'm going to use the moons on my computer at work. Thank you for sharing