Confidently Uninspired we are...sliding our way through Confident May.

I have to be honest.

I AM feeling confident.

I own leather chaps that SCREAM confidence.

I bought a Honda REBEL...sort of on a whim.

I am traveling SOLO to a foreign country soon...a warm, jungley, islandy country.

And yet, with all of this excitement in my life...





Oh, joy.

I want so badly to write to you. To inspire you. To share with you the joy that I have about where I am in my life. I sit here at my computer with fingers on the keys, but nothing comes.

Maybe I am just awestruck, or overwhelmed, or dumbfounded by all that I am taking on? I have a strong feeling that Dominica holds the cure to this mental clog. How could it not? Good thing I am leaving in a week! I need some inspiration!

For now, I will put this question out there...maybe you can inspire me instead...

What do you do when you are feeling uninspired...restless...bored? Go for a walk? Spin around in circles? Make faces in the mirror? Whatever it is...please share...I'll do anything!

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