Hi. My Name is Mara...

I think I am going to become addicted to getting the chills during my Unravelling ecourse.

Every day, I read such wonderful words from all of my Unravelling friends and I get the chills.

Good chills.

Chills that tell me that my heart just got bigger, my soul just got fuller, and joy just pulsed out of my body and into the universe.

By the end of this 8 week course (which already makes me feel sadness and we have so much time left!) I think I will be craving ways to give myself the "good" chills every day.

The chills come from feeling empowered, from understanding the struggles of others, from walking briefly in another person's shoes, and from realizing that we are all very similar. I identify with so many of them and we have never met. It really is a powerful connection.

Could I become addicted to unravelling?

"Hi. My name is Mara. And I am an Unraveller."

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  1. Welcome Mara...please feel free to share anytime ;)