Just Face It...

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This face.

Made of so many parts.

Some I have always loved and some I have learned to love over the past year. While taking these pictures for an Unraveling eCourse assignment I found that it was much easier to embrace each part when I broke them all down into the Good:Bad.

Ok....here goes...

(In order from left to right...skipping the middle me.)

My eyes -
Good: Golden Hazel is so pretty, especially in the sun.
Bad: They are starting to lose their strength.

My smile -
Good: It's like my dad's. I love the shape, the dimples and its multiple personalities.
Bad: My teeth are yellowing and a little crooked.

My cowlicks -
Good: They are curly and the baby hairs are growing!
Bad: Extra Extra bad bang days

My eyelashes -
Good: Long and lovely.
Bad: Grow in crazy directions.

My ears -
Good: They are teeny tiny (less than 2 inches)
Bad: This one has 2 holes from having them repierced and the piercing girl missed the original hole.

My laugh lines -
Good: They come from lots of laughing.
Bad: They are technically wrinkles.

My eye vein -
Good: It's a pop of color!
Bad: It's sometimes scary in pics.

My nose -
Good: It's little and like my mom's.
Bad: 2 words...nose hair.

My lips/mouth -
Good: Nice shape and color. Lip gloss does the trick.
Bad: Has a tendency to eat foot.

My eyebrows -
Good: Naturally shaped well.
Bad: Who likes to pluck, really?

My lip scar -
Good: Reminds me of that camping trip when I was about 5 or 6 and my big sis and I were playing cowboys and indians.
Bad: Reminds me of the little front tooth that turned grey after going through my lip. Ouch!

My brow -
Good: Shows skepticism well.
Bad: I feel like I could lose change in there! Anyone seen my keys?

My nose wrinkles -
Good: Bunny impressions are convincing and it's a little cute.
Bad: They too ARE wrinkles.

My mad brow wrinkles -
Good: Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Bad: I find them sort of manly.

So that's the...well...long of it. My face...perfect in every way that is ME. Dimples, freckles, big pores, acne scars, blemishes and all.

What do you see when you look at the parts of your face? Do you like what you see? Do you cringe at the thought of looking a little closer?

If so, I encourage you to embrace your face. Find the beauty in each part. It's ok to see the bad, but for every negative try to find a positive and see what happens. Put it all together into the 'big picture' of you and love love love what you see.

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  1. You are absolutely smashing. Of course, nothing beats the real thing. Keep smiling. Keep the joy and laughter coming. You move me. Thanks