"Welcome to the Joy Rebellion."

Today I became a Joy Rebel.

"What's that?" you ask...Or..."I thought you already were one." you say...

This role was brought to my attention today from a blog I stumbled upon... (through one of the other many blogs I follow... Joy Rebel by Brandi Reynolds.

A Joy Rebel is someone who revels in the art of being authentically themselves.

Today, she reminded me of what I am here to do...

Be ME.

I am here to be authentically myself. To share with you the joys of my every day life.

And now...I have a name for it!

"Joy Rebel"

I don't believe that I have lost this focus at any point on this blog, but I have found it harder some days to offer the inspiration that I would love to bring to everyone who visits this space I call The Joyful Life. Thanks to Brandi, I have joined the Joy Rebellion and will now embark on multiple joyful missions with the joy rebel army.

Hopefully, this weekly joy bootcamp will be just what I need to keep focus on bringing the joy.

Now...let's talk a little about "focus." (This discussion also inspired by a post on Joy Rebel.)

I am the queen of starting projects that I don't finish. I have a hard time choosing one thing to work on and running with it, so I often start multiple projects at once. When a muse sings, it's often a harmony of more than one and I end up scattered and trying too hard to create. Let's call it Creative Multiple Personality Disorder. (Now that my BADD has been treated and is in remission.)

I have found that sometimes it just takes a little bit of clarity and patience with myself to focus and allow the ideas to start flowing. This blog is an example of that struggle.

Many days I am dying to write something to you all, but nothing comes. Other days, I find myself overly inspired and I have multiple things to say. Either way, this blog is the longest running project that I have had so far. Once I found my voice, I have had a hard time shutting her up.

"Mara, Honey. Mommy's ears are tired."
- said by my Mom to little me.

So, this is where we meet the inspiring post on Joy Rebel. She shared this quote:

"What we focus on expands."

This is so completely true.

For the good. And the bad.

Opportunites arise when we focus. What we focus on grows because we water it with attention. Our thoughts become things. Our dreams come true. The one to be careful of...our worries become real.

Today, I would like to remind you to focus on the good. To meditate on what you desire. If you find yourself worrying about something, remember that you may be asking for that 'bad thing' to come into your life. Instead of worrying about it...flip it over...change your perspective...ask the Universe for the opposite and focus on the joy that 'good thing' would bring.

Viva la JOYFUL revolucion!


  1. I stopped here by way of Unravelling. I am also a follower of the Joy Rebel revolution via Brandi's blog. I don't honestly remember when or how I found it.

    Just wanted to say hi.

  2. So very inspiring. Never lose sight of who you are. You may never know the joy you bring to people. Even those you don't know.

  3. Welcome to the joy revolution! Isn't it fantastic? Just found you in the comments over at Brandi's blog--what a treat. You have a lovely space here. Can't wait to read more. Have a joyful day!