The "Good"-doers

Do you ever come across an item lying in the street...such as a windblown trash can, a runaway truck bed object, or a mangled traffic cone? For some reason I seem to run into these items quite often. Yesterday I watched in horror as a large handful of cars maneuvered (or attempted to maneuver) around a couple of rogue bundles of firewood in the middle of the road.

Ok...maybe not horror, but there was a certain amount of shock at the number of drivers who simply swerved and went on their merry way or worse - ran over them.

As always...(pardon me while I toot my own horn for a bit)...I pulled over, turned on my hazzards and when it was safe to step into the street I cleared the bundles off the road and out of harms way. My own little good deed for the day. Last week I rescued a stranded trash can and a month or so ago I resuscitated a flattened traffic cone left behind by construction workers.

Being thoughtful for strangers makes me happy. It cheers me up to do something good for the next driver coming down the line, but every time I wonder how many drivers were here before me and chose to swerve instead of stop? I'm sure they have their reasons...too cold to get out of the many busy things to do...and the elusive yet honest excuse of laziness...all good reasons...but there's something to be said for those who stop. The "Good"-doers. We're nice people...thoughtful people.

Today, I encourage you to join the band of merry "good"-doers and keep your eye out for items in the middle of the road, doors that can be opened for others, dropped items to be retrieved and returned, and other good deed opportunities. If you see another "good"-doer completing a good deed, tell them what a nice person they are. "Good"-doers don't do it for the recognition but it's always nice to know that thoughtfulness is appreciated. And if you see someone approaching a potential good-deed-moment and they pass it by...act fast and swoop in to save the superhero, you.

"Good"-doers Unite!

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