The August Break

Hi All! It's been a usual. Summer class and work have been keeping me busy, but since the 4th of July break I am finally starting to feel sane again. I actually have days where I have nothing to do after work (no homework, no chores) and I don't automatically think "Thank Goodness! A break!" and then sit and stare at the TV for an hour or two before going to bed.

One of the side effects of having time in the summer is that I start to think about all of the projects I want to do. Learn to sew my own clothes, redecorate my apartment, catch up on reading, and get this blog up to date again. I know if I apply myself I can do it all, but then I think...why're just going to be back in school again before you can finish anything. It's an awful thought, but in some cases it's true. So...instead, I have opted to take on only the little projects between homework days. Stuff I can do as I go or projects that can be finished in only a few days. That will make for less pressure back on my plate.

One thing that I miss dearly this summer is photography. I had the chance to take a few shots during the holidays and I remembered how much I enjoyed carrying my camera with me everywhere I went last summer. It was all part of the Unravelling eCourse, which was part of what kept me motivated. But this year, I haven't really had an excuse to be the sudo-tourist girl hiding behind her camera. Well...until now. Susannah has come up with the most wonderful idea for August! Especially for those of us who aren't Unravelling. It's called The August Break and it's sublimely simple. Each participant will share one photo each day on their blog. It can be taken with any type of camera and you can choose if you leave a caption or story or not. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with and it's sure to bring some new lovely blogs to follow.

Stay tuned!

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