August 1st

polaroid flower, originally uploaded by MaraRayanne. we are...Day 1 of the August Break. I'm excited for this month's adventure. I'm excited to step back from the hustle and bustle of my life for a few simple moments when I can appreciate where I stand, what surrounds me (beautiful or not), and soak up the soak up life. So often, I forget to do that and my camera encourages me to do so.

This is a photo that I took last year, on a particularly hard day, when my therapy was to take a walk and absorb the beauty around me. In a rare and special moment without a cell phone, without a radio, and any other distractions of life, I looked at the world the way I used to, with pure wonder, intrigue, and admiration. This is a place that I miss, a way of thinking that I can only dream of now...simplicity.


  1. mara~

    thank you for the delightful comment on my blog. it warms my heart to know someone else understands the preciousness of nature and the need to honor its many forms.

    yay for august break! nice to have found you. :)


  2. wow, this photo is just stunning!