August 11th

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I accomplished sooooo much today! So far so good anyway. (Not to mention the cheerful sun is out today.) I love days like this, where the ball starts rolling and all of a sudden the momentum makes everything seem so effortless. I've been feeling stagnant at work for a while. Struggling to get motivated. All of a sudden I'm back in action again!

It feels wonderful!



I am needed. I am necessary.

The trick now is holding on to that feeling. Instead of getting stressed...hold onto that feeling of exhilaration.

Now...let's see if this momentum can hold out for the weekend. I have a huge paper to write, a presentation to prepare, and a statement to make. (Somehow simultaneously getting over my fear of public speaking.) How about I just close my eyes until I get to the other side. Phew! I'll be so glad when it's all over.


  1. Don't worry.. I'll hold your hand... I may be sleeping through it all but I'll be there at the other side... and once we get there... we can start DRINKING! hahaha

    Your alcoholic friend... Vikki Ku

  2. You are so needed. So necessary. So amazing.